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Analysis of the known facts shows that the situation itself began to develop from the moment when the chief of the local police received orders to disperse Androschuk pro-Russian rally.” From whom exactly he received this order, is still unknown, but it is either the 

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next …A large video, taken directly from police Mariupolwhere more fully shown what was going to shoot policeMariupol building a few minutes after the arrival of fascist National Guard“ and started a firefight.

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Obviously, Donetsk and Luhansk be the People’s Republic . What will happen next ? And further : the forces of the Ukrainian army , nat – Guard, ” the right sector ” and others – will be officially announced occupiers illegally in the territory of foreign states . Therefore , if you...

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On the eve of May 9 Andruschuk performing direct management of the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada illegitimate O. Lyashko (Chapter probanderovskoy ” Radical Party ” in 1993-96 . – Sentenced to 6 years for the theft of state property ) , tried to give orders to 

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Continue to broadcast events of the Civil War in the South East, which today runs the historic referendum onsovereignty Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and their separation from the actual sunken fascism in Ukraine.

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1. The DNI in LC and observed giant turnout that surpasses all expectations. 2 . From an organizational perspective , apparently done all that is possible under the current conditions, and this is enough for a successful referendum. “>3 . Grassroots referendum...

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For information about the capture of a candidate for president of Ukraine has just been confirmedIn commentsinformants Oksana is a pity that you are currently located outside Ukraine told that is always in direct connection with the Mariupol and she has confirmed this

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Donetsk region . A referendum in the Donetsk region of 20:00 turnout was 71.4%. About this RBC-Ukraine Chairman of Central Election Commission of self-proclaimed ” People’s Republic of Donetsk ” Roman Lyagin . ” The turnout at the 

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Continue to illuminate the subject referendums in Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic of State SovereigntyVotinghas ended virtually everywhere and began counting votescounting down the last hours of stay Lugansk and Donetskas part of Ukraine.