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It is noteworthy , but it then why not have any desire to wash at the Embassy of Ukraine on May 2 , after the massacre of peaceful citizens of Odessa or May 9 after the massacre of peaceful and Mariupol Mariupol same police.

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Russian military historian Boris Yulin in his blog writes about the revival of fascism in Ukraine and Ukrainians themselves why do not notice it . In Odessa, the Nazis declared themselves Ukrainian patriots burned alive by those who did not consider them as such . In Kramatorsk troops who seized power by force...

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Regarding the burning question, does the Russian military means to what is happening in the South-East

It is obvious that in the Ukraine are active , some Russian special services . First and foremost is the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Federal Security Service , who before the war had apparently own...

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Leader of the rock band ” Screams Vidopliassova ” Oleg Violin knows how to stop the conflict between the Ukraine population east and west of the country. ” Two languages ​​- it is hypocrisy. This weakness – to cover their ignorance , laziness and disrespect for the history and culture of some pseudo-democracy . According to the leader...

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WAR Live 05.14.2014

Live text broadcast all the events taking place in Slavyansk Kramatorsk and the South-East of Ukraine. In this post, allpublished materialsphotos and videosthat we receive online from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine

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Anonymous message was received: “Good day! I am an employee of the SBU. Personal safety considerations want to remain anonymous. Today, I fell into the hands here this documentBetray it please public. I consider myself no right to remain silent.