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Donetsk mayor appealed to citizens and asked them to stay indoors. City hospitals are running out of blood bank.WoundedpeoplekeepcomingtothecityhospitalsThere was a gunfire, targeting of civilians on Magistralniy pr. 3 people wounded.

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Nazi military attack on the building of the international airport in Donetsk Prokofiev May 28 , according to the People’s Republic of leadership Donetsk ( DNI ) , turned into a massacre. 6 civilians killed , 44 wounded.

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May 29 at the information center “South-Eastern Front” took skype inclusion Slavyansk featuring Natalia Bruce.

Natalia spoke about the situation that is developing in the city. She reported that tonight bombed housepeople have suffered. Increasingly under fire...

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At today’s press conference, a representative of the ” Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk said in the Donbass terrorists carry serious loss of manpower . It is reported , ” Commander in Chief .”