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Question: Could you explain us, at last, do you know Nikolay Levchenko? In case of positive answer, what do you have in common?

Answer: We have known each other since 2004. In my opinion, he is a bastard, an intrigant and a rogue. He sold an idea and has become just an underling 

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Slavyansk – Kramatorsk. Taking advantage of some junta forces’ removal from their sector (presumably of the Nazguard units as they do not appear in reports), the Militias moved to the “active defence” tactics. The main objective is unblocking the railways. According to Strelkov, the Slavyansk garrison has committed... 

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It is quiet in Slavyansk during the whole day. The city counts casualties and damage after Ukrainian military attacks. There are many people in the streets. It starts to rain heavily. Still remain very serious communication...

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