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Author: Viking от 30.06.2014, 15:23 1340 0

The war is on and the war kills. The paratroopers of 25th airmobile brigade have been acting on the enemy side long enough, those who wanted to stick their bayonets in the ground – had already done this and vanished from the war Those who remained took part in the military operations of the...

Author: Viking от 30.06.2014, 15:09 1373 0

The fascists are shelling from artillery the memorial complex Saur-Graves. It is rather primitive revenge for the recent defeat when the junta’s military column was beaten in this area.

Author: Viking от 30.06.2014, 14:58 1179 0

Regarding Mariupol city, it`s not all so simple. Despite the bravura reports from junta, the militia is still in Mariupol and, in fact, started to use the tactics of urban guerrilla warfare. Given that in Mariupol there are 500 000 citizens and in total there are not more than 1500 armed men from both sides...

Author: Viking от 30.06.2014, 14:37 1235 0