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It is only being expected yet to determine who brought down the civilian plane: to decrypt data from its black boxes, to analyze the nature of its damage, to assess it against "Buk" capabilities and to find out where was the Ukrainian fighter aircraft at the time of disaster. None of this has been completed yet, but the US has already made a statement that “The militants shot down Malaysia Boeing by mistake”.

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This is the on-line text translation of all events happening in the Donetsk People's Republic, in the Luhansk PeopleТs Republic and in the South-East of Ukraine. All the materials we are receiving on-line from the zone of the war conflict in the South-East, are being published in this post.

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On all fronts - continuous clashes between Novorossiya and Ukraine military. The Ukrainian army continues artillery strikes of Luhansk and Donetsk The intensity of strikes has decreased while the number of strikes has increased. Significant movements of enemy aircraft have been observed along with transport aircraft regularly cruising from Kharkov to the south towards Mariupol and to the south west towards Dnepropetrovsk.
Enemy SU aircraft are flying over Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

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The Russia Monistry of Defense decided to stop returning military equipment and weapon from Crimea to the Kiev junta. This decision had been caused by the worries of Russian militarists about the potentiality of using this weapon in the punitive operation in Donbass against civilians and rebels.