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Slavyansk militants are conducting operations both inside their region and beyond its borders. Last night they shelled an all-road military truck GAZ-66 carrying a punitive troop of the Kiev junta. Militias are also fighting on the territory of Kharkov oblast (province). Shelling of the mechanized column with US military men has been their first major success.

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Igor Strelkov said that according to his information, Ukrainian troops are preparing a large provocation, aiming to proclaim DPR (Donetsk People's Republic) as a terrorist organization, and massively annihilate civilians, by launching a ballistic missile against storages with poisonous chlorine

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Today Kiev junta is once again trying to use their punitive measures, and is ready again to kill our civilians.
Announced by the Nazis so-called “humanitarian corridor” is not nothing but a “corridor of death”. Their calling to go under bullets and mines means that they again make the bloody act of violence on our citizens.

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In the past two days Ukrainian media actively discussed video allegedly proving the fact of Ukrainian missile attack from Russia. However, attentive internet users quickly unmasked another fake - footage issued by Ukrainian journalists as records from the American satellites are the screenshots of the computer game Flaming Cliffs 2

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After a failed attempt to have Donetsk surrounded by encircling strikes through Debaltsevo and Shakhtyorsk, the junta has moved on to dealing with less ambitious tasks.
The northern group has started pounding the northern suburbs of Donetsk, pouring the fight onto the streets of Avdeyevka and having occupied a considerable part thereof by noon July 31st.

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Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs plans on contacting their Ukrainian colleagues, requesting full information about the situation in the regions of Ukraine that are bordering Poland. The reason for such request, as it turned out, is a stray bullet fired from the Ukrainian territory.

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Earlier, on July 30, the joint forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the militants of the “National Guard” entered Avdeyevka, the northern suburb of Donetsk. Street fighting broke out in the city, during which the squads of Ukrainian nationalists with the support of 8 tanks and several APCs broke towards the center of the settlement.

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In the first half of the day, the Ukrainian military launched an offensive on the western frontiers of Donetsk. The attacks were aimed at the areas of Krasnogorovka and Marinovka.
The Ukrainian offensive began with preliminary mortar fire targeting the positions of the militias.
The objective was to bring the front line closer to the vicinity of Donetsk by capturing the key towns on the western frontiers. This manoeuver was meant to ensure more precise artillery strikes aimed at the defenders of the city.

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As it became known earlier, a criminal case has been initiated against the officer who saved 78 wounded soldiers of 79th brigade surrounded in «south pocket» Also, prosecution is awating every Ukrainian, who agitates against the anti-terroristic operation (ATO)
Ukrainian community is indignant. Social networks are repleted with outraged comments. Instead of rewarding its soldiers for heroic acts and saving of comrades, they have been prosecuted criminally in the best tradition of Stalinism.

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The authorities of the United States by consent of Kiev continue to interfere in almost every process in Ukraine. As it came out, the work of high-ranking American officials for realization of so-called anti-terrorist operation in which the civilian deaths number increases has recently intensified.

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Moscow proposes to the UN Security Council to pass a resolution on deploying Russian peacekeepers in the area of the crash site of the Malaysian Boing, said the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

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