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The administration of the President of Ukraine hosted a meeting with the participation of American military advisers. The Pentagon believes that the Ukrainian army should start preparation for the organization of a full-scale military invasion of Crimea.

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When will Kiev start a new offensive against Donbass and how will it end?
In July Kiev’s offensive against New Russia did not result in any dramatic turnaround: defeat of the militia and establishing Kiev’s control over Donbass region. Exerting all their efforts and virtually all resources and suffering terrible losses Kiev punishers managed to get only six Donbass districts under control. Despite this, they were not able to achieve their principal aims, notably surround Donetsk and cut Donbass off Russia by taking over the border.

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Ukrainian army is quickly advancing into Donetsk. Main reason of this success is artillery which Kiev actively uses to shell the city. But the price official government will pay is huge. Death of civilians makes it difficult for Kiev to regain people’s trust, says correspondent of CNN.

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War online in New Russia (DPR and LPR), the latest news of ATO (anti-national terrorist operation) for today. Operational reports from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.