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Analysing the last two weeks of war in New Russia and projecting this analysis on similar military conflicts in the past, we get an interesting perspective on the development of the situation in the nearest future.

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The first Russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid for the people of the south-east of Ukraine hit the road early in the morning of August 12. In the morning of August 22 it has crossed the border of Ukraine, and in the evening it reached Luhansk. On August 23 the humanitarian convoy has returned to the Russian territory.

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War online in Novorossia (DPR and LPR), the latest news of ATO (anti-national terrorist operation) today. Operational reports from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

video of events in the South East on the hosting Cassad-TV

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Militia captures an archive containing information on Ukrainian servicemen Involved in the so-called ATO, including those responsible for bombings of civilian targets in cities

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RIA Novosti with reference to an HQ representative reports that leaders of the Donetsk Republic have refuted the statement of the Ukrainian president that Russian troops have been brought into Ukraine.

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The head of Poland’s National Security Bureau (the BBN) Stanislaw Koziej, has stated that several NATO countries are ready to sell arms to Ukraine.