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The EU is ready to introduce additional restrictive measures against Russia if militia gain control of the airport in Donetsk or Mariupol.

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The "Umbrella revolution" in Hong Kong strictly follows the scenario of Kiev Maidan.

Chinese authorities seem unable to find any adequate response to the mass protests against the abolition of democracy and the transformation of Hong Kong into one of ordinary Chinese cities.

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Video roundup of Novorossiafor October 2-3
1 Situation per day in the DPR and LPR.
2 Red Cross worker killed in Donetsk shelling.
3 Some Ukrainian militarists arranged business on grief of relatives of missing people.
4 In Ukraine, concentration camps are built.
5 The mayor of Kiev Vitaliy Klichko filed a lawsuit against the newspaper "Business Capital".
6 "Aydar" militants sell arms.
7 The inhabitants of the Kherson region arrested for viewing of Russian TV channels.
8 Good news from St. Petersburg.

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Last night the heated battle for the airport has been going on in Novorossia and finally victory is close as never before.
Donetsk - in the evening and at night the security forces continued to methodically shell the city with MLRS "Grad" (md Putilovka, railway station, Kuibyshevsky district). In response, the army of Novorossia condusted fire attacks to the suppression of the National Guard firing positions, and very successfully. During the battle for the airport more than 90% of the territory was captured in the end, supply route (to the village of Spartak) cut out.

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War online in Novorossia (DPR and LPR), the latest news of ATO (anti-national terrorist operation) today. Operational reports from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

video of events in the South East on the hosting Cassad-TV


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