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Roundup of Novorossia for March 18-19, 2015
1.Another ceasefire violations recorded in Donbass.
2. The city Konstantinovka held funeral ceremony in memory of eight year old girl Polina.
3. Instructors from the US will hold training for 780 Ukrainian servicemen in the near future.
4. Moscow commented on the law on the special status of Donbass adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.
5. The number of dissatisfied with the policy of the Yatsenyuk’s Cabinet is growing in Kiev.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said on March 18 that the sanctions imposed by some Western countries, in particular - the United States, Canada and a number of EU countries, are not fatal for Russia.

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According to the politician Gennady Zyuganov, the Ukrainian side is "unable to be involved into a normal dialogue", so one needs to be ready for "the most difficult turns of fate."

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On March 17 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and President Petro Poroshenko sent an appeal to the UN Security Council and the Council of the European Union with a request for the introduction of peacekeepers into the country.

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Ukraine discusses another government's "brilliant" decision concerning the situation in the energy market. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, saying that Kiev will continue the policy of reduction of the volume dependence on Russian gas supplies, said that the rent for use of mineral resources will be changed for mining companies from July 1 on.

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On March 18 fighting intensified in the area of Donetsk, where Ukrainian security officials shelled Petrovsky district of the DPR capital in the morning and work on the clearance of debris and search for the bodies of Ukrainian servicemen were suspended the Donetsk airport because of continued attacks. In other sectors tense but stable situation remained, with no significant changes.

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The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva held a crisis meeting with the heads of the National Bank of different periods on Wednesday, March 11. Formally, according to reports of Kyiv media, there are no reasons for organizing of such meetings, as the hryvnia was strengthened. However, the meeting gathered almost all handshakeable headbankers of Ukraine, which indicates that the current leadership of the NBU does not understand what is going on in the currency market and does not know what to do.

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Kiev signed 100 agreements for the supply of military equipment to the army, another 160 contracts will be signed in the near future. Such a statement was made by Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak during a meeting of the Cabinet.

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1) Kiev Perform a Trick with Minsk Agreements, Again
2) Putins Pen Used to Sign Crimea Treaty Becomes Museum Piece
3) Kiev Finance Minister: We need more gold
4) US Needs 60,000 More Troops to Execute Defense Strategy