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Roundup of Novorossia for March 20-21, 2015.
1. The effects of the explosion of the bridge in Stanitsa Luganskaya.
2. New touch to the portrait of adviser to the President of Ukraine.
3. "CyberBerkut" published photocopies of documents on the conduct of information warfare against Donbass.
4.Kolomoisky reprimanded.
5. International observers from the OSCE faced the strange behavior of Ukrainian law enforcers.

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The situation on the fronts of DPR and LPR for March 21.

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Internal troops of DPR will actively cooperate with all force structures of the republic. It was provided by law "On the Interior Troops".

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National Council of DPR passed a law "On Internal Troops of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs" on March 20.

62 deputies out of 75 present voted "for" adoption of the document.

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Media and political parties are the leaders of the mistrust rating of Ukraine. Sociological data below were provided by Ukrainian sociological research company "Research & Branding Group" and it's founder Yevgeny Kopatko on press-conference in Kiev.

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The situation on the fronts of DPR and LPR for March 20.

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On March 20 there were no significant changes in Donbass. Ukrainian military officially confirmed that the undermining of the bridge over the Seversky Donets River near Stanitsa Luganskaya which was conducted the day before was carried out deliberately by security forces, allegedly in order to prevent the possible advance of militia. Meanwhile, the information was received about a possible undermining of the last bridge over the river in the vicinity of Schastye.

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1) Ceasefire was Violated 37 Times since March 19
2) Governor Kolomoiskiy Defend Democracy in Kiev
3) Maidan Come to Frankfurt
4) US Last Track of $500 Million of Military Aid in Yemen

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