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Florida Air Guard is to deploy 12 F-15C jets and about 200 airmen to Europe as part of Washington’s military build-up, which it claims is necessary to protect European NATO members from Russian aggression.

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Schroeder said the West made a mistake when it started attempts to isolate Russia on the international arena. "It is during a crisis that dialogue should be maintained," he said
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Odessa has been rocked by blasts in the past few weeks

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Ukraine received €1.36 bln worth of macro-financing assistance in 2014

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It is important both to ensure that refugees and cars carrying humanitarian cargo have unrestricted passage and to reveal those who voluntarily participated in punitive operations against civilians

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These are the results of the Wednesday meeting of political directors of the Normandy Four nations

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The ministry said small arms of various calibers, grenade launchers, armored personnel carriers and antitank guided missiles were used by Kiev
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The crime situation in the Donetsk region in the territories controlled by Kiev is largely caused by alcoholism among the security forces, the regional governor says
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It is necessary to use any available means to deliver relief aid to Donbas so long as it remains under siege, Andrey Kelin says

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The Iranian delegation expects intensive meetings on Sunday between Iran and the Group of Six on Iran’s nuclear issue

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On 27 March, the SMM observed from an observation point in the vicinity of Berdianske (government-controlled, 18km east of Mariupol) escalating fighting in Shyrokyne (“Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled, 20km east of Mariupol, 102 km south of Donetsk) counting over 225 mortar shells from 14:40hrs to 17:15hrs. The shelling had started only a few hours following an SMM visit to the “DPR” “command” in Shyrokyne...

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