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Over a dozen Ukrainian politicians, lawmakers and officials have suffered from trash dumping since the country's partliament adopted the lustration law in September

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The ceasefire is repeatedly vilated in Shirokino, a village east of the port city of Mariupol
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Ukraine has gained access to Canadian satellite images that Ottawa's own military forces could hardly afford; it still remains unclear how much the agreement with the Kiev regime will cost Canadian taxpayers.

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko repeated his request for an international peacekeeping mission in Ukraine during a Thursday meeting in Kiev with US Senator Rob Portman, according to a press release issued by Poroshenko’s office.

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Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said the alliance would find an excuse to restrain Russia even if there were no conflict in ukraine

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The situation is controlled by the DPR armed forces, a ministry spokesman said
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Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons director underscored the success of the OPCW-UN Joint Mission established in October 2013 on eliminating Syria’s chemical weapons.

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Roundup of Novorossia for April 09-10, 2015
1. AFU launched a massive tank shelling of DPR militia positions.
2. The DPR authorities reported that more than three thousand inhabitants of Donetsk People's Republic died during the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
3. Nationalists beat protesters against rising of utility tariffs in Kharkov.
4. Kiev will not transfer funds to areas beyond the control of the Government of Ukraine.
5. The Verkhovna Rada approved the bill on the martial law.

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European Union member states should stick to a common approach towards Russia, in political conversations with Moscow, Michael Roth, State Minister for Europe in the German foreign ministry said Thursday.

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Investigators say the ship’s captain, citizen of Ukraine, committed a crime - organizing illegal transportation of individuals across the state border

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Ukrainian parliament earlier recognized the activity of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) — Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) as struggle for Ukraine’s independence

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