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Roundup of Novorossia for April 26-27, 2015
1. The situation in the DPR over the past weekend.
2. Kiev presented a plan for the demilitarization of the village Shirokino.
3. OUN refused to subject to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
4. Donald Tusk: the possibility of EU intervention in Ukrainian conflict is an illusion
5. Leader of the "Fatherland" Yulia Tymoshenko criticized the economic policies of the current government.

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The SMM monitored the implementation of the “Package of measures for the Implementation of the Minsk agreements”. Its monitoring was restricted by third parties and security considerations*. The SMM continued to observe ceasefire violations in and around the wider area of Donetsk airport and Avdiivka, while in Shyrokyne the SMM observed the most intense fighting since February 2015.

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More than a year has passed since the events on Maidan, the tragic outcome of which was shooting of "Heaven's hundred" and policemen protecting the "bloody regime" .  Junta made their way to the rule in Ukraine by blood of the dead. We all know what was the result of this "ruling". Meanwhile, junta leaders are in no hurry to pay tribute to those who brought them to the top.

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Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas said that EU anti-Russian sanctions will be extended unless Minsk agreements are fulfilled by June.

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Ukrainian paratroopers wrapped up a massive military exercise Saturday. The drill involved over 3,000 troops, hundreds of armored vehicles and aircraft.

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France and Germany are said to be attempting to block a joint statement to be made at the Ukraine-EU summit to be held in Kiev on Monday, a European diplomat said.

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The authorities had revoked visas as "incorrect data had been submitted in the applications"
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During April 25 and 26 the situation has deteriorated significantly in Novorossia. Gorlovka suffers massive bombardment, northern and north-western outskirts of Donetsk are shelled, fighting intensified significantly at Shirokino, as noted in the report of the monitoring mission of the OSCE. On April 25, the DPR recorded use of MLRS "Grad" in Telmanovo district. At the same time the Ukrainian side blamed the militias of using rocket launchers, but damage by "Grad" projectiles was recorded only on the territory controlled by the DPR - in the village of Novaya Maryevka.

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On 26 April, the SMM observed what it assessed to be the most intense shelling in Shyrokyne (20km east of Mariupol) since fighting began in the area in mid-February 2015. For the last 12 hours, and on-going at the time of this report, the SMM has observed sporadic to continuous exchanges of fire involving small arms, machine gun, rocket propelled grenade and automatic grenade launcher.

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Ukraine is marking the 29th anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster when a power surge blew the roof off a reactor, spewing radioactive clouds across Russia, and Eastern Europe.

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In a leaked letter the German Foreign Minister urged the European Union not to neglect the role of Russia in the settlement of the Ukrainian financial crisis.

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