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In early April, Iran and the P5+1 group of world powers hammered out a framework deal to ensure the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program in return for the easing of sanctions against Teheran.

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On May 2, 2014, Ukrainian ultra-right football fans, Maidan activists and extremist Right Sector fighters murdered 48 people in Odessa.

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Systemic factors prevent Ukraine from implementing reforms in a proper way, according to James Appathurai, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs.

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Nazis can freely march in Baltic countries and Ukraine, and local authorities do nothing to stop them.

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The Azov battalion reported fighting between its forces and militia supporters in eastern Ukraine.

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US plans to ramp up pressure on Russia over the situation in eastern Ukraine, a White House spokesman said Friday.

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Saturday marks exactly one year since pro-Kiev radicals blocked anti-government protesters in Odessa's House of Trade Unions and set the building on fire by hurling Molotov cocktails inside. The tragic incident saw at least 48 people killed and over 200 injured.

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As Ukraine's economy is hanging on by the skin of teeth, Sir Richard Branson offered the country a ‘genius' way of bridging budget gaps.

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The level of radiation is estimated at 21 mcR/h
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Even those who suffer from epilepsy and tuberculosis are drafted to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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A total of 30 ceasefire violations have been registered, including three artillery shellings, 11 mortar shellings and the launch of an anti-tank guided missile

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