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Swedish authorities have accused Russian naval ships of interfering with the cable-laying work between Sweden and Lithuania. It comes a few months after Sweden unsuccessfully hunted for Russian submarines in the Stockholm archipelago.

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The European leaders’ decision to stay away from the May 9 Victory Day celebrations in Moscow demonstrates their ingratitude towards Russia, a prominent French lawmaker wrote on his Twitter account.

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The US wants Europeans to be a strong link in the framework of NATO

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Roundup of Novorossia for May 03-04, 2015

  1. The situation in the DPR over the past weekend.
  2. The head of the OSCE called on both parties to the conflict in Ukraine to respect Minsk agreement.
  3. The Italian Foreign Ministry: Kyiv to grant autonomy to Donbass.
  4. The European courts started to take cognizance of alleged violations of human rights by Kiev.
  5. From words to deeds: AFU "agreed" with the "Right sector."
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Two bikers participated in the ceremony. Nearly 500 visitors came to see the event. The ceremony was also attended by Russian Ambassador to Austria Sergei Nechaev.

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Greek authorities have welcomed the recent statement of German President Joachim Gauck, who said that Germany should consider paying WWII reparations to Greece.

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Ex-president of the Unites States Jimmy Carter said that Crimea’s reunification with Russia was "an almost inevitable move" as it was backed first of all by the Crimean people, and thus, it cannot be changed in the near future.

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The 20-year-old Tajik national called for joining the Islamic State group on social networks
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If you think that conflicts in Ukraine or the Middle East, including Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Syria, are not interconnected, you are sorely mistaken, insists award-winning author and geopolitical analyst Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, adding that these wars are all part of a "multi-dimensional war, being waged by the US and its allies."

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has ratified a deal to establish a $100 billion foreign currency reserve pool for the BRICS group. The pool’s purpose is to protect national currencies from volatility in global markets.

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The twin-pronged attack - oil price war/raid on the ruble – aimed at destroying the Russian economy and place it into a form of Western natural resource vassalage has failed.

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