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The photo album presenting slides of Minsk Agreement violations by Kiev for the period from April 30 to May 5, 2015.

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Japanese business could lose up to 10 billion dollars because of the anti-Russia sanctions, Russia’s trade representative in Japan Sergey Egorov said Wednesday.

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The ruble continues to prevail over the hryvnia in the breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine, which has considerably weakened Kiev's clout in the area, according to the German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten's website.

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Roundup of Novorossia for May 06-07, 2015

  1. The situation for the past day in Donbass.
  2. A group of foreign inspectors arrived in Ukraine.
  3. Poroshenko sees violation of Minsk agreements in Donetsk parade of Victory.
  4. Conflict erupted between the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine MPs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs leadership.
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The warehouses of what President Poroshenko claims to be one of the five strongest armies in Europe are packed with thousands of unnecessary things: female knickers, tons of buttons and old leather volleyballs instead of modern military gear, according to the country’s Presidential Counselor and Assistant Minister of Defense.

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Doing some last-minute campaigning ahead of Sunday's presidential elections, President Bronislaw Komorowski stated Tuesday that Poland must do all it can to strengthen its borders and be prepared to repel 'little green men' from the Russian armed forces, Polski Radio reports.

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The upcoming Victory Day celebrations in Moscow will be attended by 27 heads of states and governments, according to Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov.

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Russian president’s aide said that draft free trade zone agreement between Russia and Vietnam is about to be completed and will soon be ready for signing.

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The Basmanny Court in Moscow satisfied the investigators' request to extend Savchenko's detention, according to Judge Natalia Mushnikova.

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US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said that the United States is supporting the Ukrainian military with defensive arms.

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Brazil’s Defence Minister Jaques Wagner would participate in the celebration in Moscow on May 9 on behalf of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, the ministry’s communique says

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