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Roundup of Novorossia for May 24-25, 2015
1. The situation over the last weekend in the DPR and LPR.

2. Mosiychuk stated that he personally knows those who killed Alexey Mozgovoy.
3. Moskal presented evidence of the "Belarusian aggression."
4. The total failure of the latest Ukrainian mobilization.

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During May 23-24 significant changes have not happened on the fronts of Donbass. The main news of the weekend was the death of Alexey Mozgovoy, the legendary "Ghost" brigade commander. Mozgovoy and his six companions was killed with automatic weapons on the road Perevalsk-Lugansk near the village of Mikhailovka. LPR authorities launched an investigation, the main version of the assassination is that the brigade commander was killed by Ukrainian saboteurs. But there are also alternative views.

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Ukraine’s international creditors, both the commercial overseas entities and neighboring Russia, are most interested in Kiev avoiding a default, even more so than Ukraine itself, meaning the commenced negotiations are likely to end in a compromise deal.

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A Special Monitoring Mission by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has reported the presence of a spate of tanks and guns in government-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine, in violation of the Minsk ceasefire agreement.

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The chairman of the movement Andrey Miroshnichenko gave the sign-symbol of the movement to “the green”, and young members of the movements greeted their friend.

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Dutch blogger Max van der Werff explained to Sputnik why he decided to carry out his own investigation into the origin of two controversial photos which circulated on social networks shortly after the MH17 crash, purporting to show a trail of smoke in the sky from a missile launcher, and what his inquiry uncovered.

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The prophetic verse by Alexei Mozgovoy, the recording date May 22, 2013

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Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that next Brussels-Kiev-Moscow trilateral gas talks should be held before June 30.

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Ministry of Justice is to be in charge of making up lists of ‘undesirable organizations’ and of publishing them
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Kiev's decision to scrap its military cooperation agreements with Russia, including transit rights for Russian peacekeepers and equipment to Transnistria, have created the potential to destabilize regional security, says Transnistrian Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski.

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Not a day goes by without shelling of residential areas and infrastructure of the Donbass by forces officially Ukrainian or other. Atrocities released recently on cell phone videos are beyond description and ressemble those practiced by terrorist groups in the Middle East...

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