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On Friday, the UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting on the situation in eastern Ukraine prompted by the recent mounting clashes along the contact line in the east of the country and violations of the Minsk peace accords.

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"We should strive for more transparency, more predictability related to military activities," Stoltenberg said

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Roundup of Novorossia on the main events over the past week from June 1 to 6, 2015
1. The situation over the last day in the DPR and the LPR.
2. The results of the meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Ukraine.
3. George Soros: Buy Ukraine, for expensive price! CyberBerkut hacked the server of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.
4. Kiev authorized the placing on foreign weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine.

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The former French Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense said it is Kiev’s fault that peace agreements reached in Minsk are not being properly implemented. He also stressed that France must remember what it is to be independent and start making its own political decisions.

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According to the president Ukraine is determined to strictly comply with international obligations
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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will meet Saturday his Ukrainian counterpart Arseniy Yatsenyuk, according to a statement released Friday on the Ukrainian government portal.

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"I will never let the issue of Donbas’ secession be brought up at the all-Ukraine referendum," he said
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Samantha Power will visit Ukraine from June 10 to 12 to meet top Kiev officials as well as monitors from OSCE to discuss the ongoing conflict in the country.

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"I’ve noticed that some irritation exists in certain circles, even in Western countries that have to support Kiev no matter what it does," Vitaly Churkin said
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Deputy commander of DPR’s militia Denis Pushilin says that the Ukrainian authorities are imitating the implementation of the Minsk peace accords, particularly constitutional reforms, ignoring the eastern Ukrainian self-proclaimed Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics.

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According to the republic’s defense ministry, Ukrainian troops have violated truce 46 times over the past 24 hours

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