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Ukrainian President is planning to visit Donetsk Region on Thursday, the president's press service said.

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Ukrainian authorities will deploy S-300 antiaircraft missile complexes on the border with Transdniestria - a mostly Slavic-populated breakaway region of Moldova that has existed as an unrecognized Dniester Republic since the early 1990.

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Ukraine’s debts to private creditors must be restructured, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Thursday.

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On Wednesday, the Odessa city council made a decision to perpetuate the memory of victims of last year’s tragic events at the House of Trade Unions
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Prime Minister Yatsenyuk hasn't abandoned hope of convincing the US that it should continue to support Ukraine, preferably by offering military aid, and has once again resorted to blaming so-called “Russian aggression” in hopes to get the US to help create “a strong durable Ukrainian military,” which Kiev needs “to implement the Minsk deal.”

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Luhansk republic's representative in the Contact Group on Ukraine Vladislav Deinego commented on new proposals from the unrecognized republics on amendments to the Ukrainian constitution.
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Looking to avoid payoffs to Ukrainian border guards at border checkpoints with the self-proclaimed Donbass republics, Ukrainian businessmen and truck drivers have been heading east, to Russia, where the trucks are rerouted and sent back into Donetsk and Lugansk, joining the steady stream of Russian humanitarian and commercial deliveries.

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The fire, leaving one person dead and at least 14 injured, was spewing toxic fumes into the atmosphere
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The United States wants to turn Ukraine into a NATO military base to attack Russia, a member of Italy's opposition party Five Star Movement (M5S), Manlio Di Stefano, said.

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The authorities must tell the Ukrainian people whether they are ready to secure peace and ensure decentralization, Prime Minister of Ukraine’s shadow government Boris Kolesnikov says