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The SMM monitored the implementation of the “Package of measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements”. Its monitoring was restricted by third parties and security considerations*. The situation at and around Donetsk airport was relatively calm, with fewer ceasefire violations recorded by the SMM compared to previous days.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied Ukrainian media reports about Moscow’s alleged proposal to unite Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics into one autonomy.

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Roundup of the day for June 15-16, 2015
1. The situation over the last day in the DPR and the LPR.
2. Zakharchenko: Battalion "Kiev-2" was nearly destroyed.
3. Regular agony of Ukraine: Gerashchenko published Russia’s plan to capture the Left-Bank Ukraine.
4. Poroshenko called a bribe Russian loan to Ukraine.

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Moscow is expecting Kiev to clarify whether the latter is going to honor Ukraine's international commitments made by the previous authorities, including the $3 billion debt to Russia, after President Poroshenko dubbed it a “bribe” to Viktor Yanukovich.

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US Defense Department spokesperson Eileen Lainez said that the Kiev government-controlled Azov Battalion is not trained by the United States.

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The Donbasstransgas company will own main gas pipelines and related facilities that belonged to the Ukrainian gas transportation operator Ukrtransgaz

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Commenting on the Polish Defense Ministry's recent statements that it is holding talks with the US on the stationing of military warehouses in Poland, Vice Admiral and politician Marek Toczek told Sputnik that such a move would not increase Polish national security, and would result only in a further escalation of tensions between NATO and Russia.

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Two brothers claiming to have worked for the Ukrainian state apparatus, one of them for the foreign intelligence service, and the other for the Foreign Ministry, held a press conference in Lugansk on Monday after switching sides to fight for the fledgling Lugansk People's Republic, Russia's RIA Novosti reports.

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The head of the State Duma’s foreign relations committee has said new anti-Russian sanctions would only cause further alienation between Russia and the West without giving any help to Ukraine.

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Belarus began military drills on its border with Ukraine on Monday, as the country becomes increasingly wary of instability and NATO activity at its borders.

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Russian Foreign Ministry's Human Rights Ombudsman Konstantin Dolgov said that speculation about Russian propaganda was propaganda in itself.

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