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The European Union initiated the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, head of the French National Front’s delegation to the European Parliament Edouard Ferrand told Sputnik on Tuesday.

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Foreign ministers from France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine urged warring parties in Ukraine’s east to agree on withdrawal of tanks and heavy weapons from the contact line by June 26, France’s Laurent Fabius said early Wednesday.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described stabilization of the military situation in eastern Ukraine as the top-priority goal, at a press briefing early Wednesday.

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The people of Ukraine need US weaponry and energy resources, US Senator John Barrasso told Sputnik after his weekend visit to the country.

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German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that Tuesday’s meeting with his counterparts from Russia, France and Ukraine opened hope for peace in Ukraine.

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Russia does not encourage its nationals to go to Donbas to fight there, Russian Security Council Secretary said
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Kiev forces are concerned over the possibility of radioactive waste materials leaking from a storage site in the Donetsk area.

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The decision on extending the restrictive measures has been taken and comes in an effort to implement in full the February 12 Minsk agreements on Ukraine, an official said

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The ratings organization predicts that Ukrainian economic drop will be accompanied by the devaluation of Ukraine’s currency and a major inflation.

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"If a couple of death penalties had been applied for treason against the Fatherland, we would have had no corruption at all," Ukrainian parliamentarian said