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The high-ranking official added that the draft document was prepared "on the back-stage ground without any dialogue with DPR and LPR"

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Saakashvili also noted that "US police officers from California will train the new police in Odessa"
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According to one of the participants, Odessa should have a normal local governor who will defend its interests but not an insane military criminal
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The constitutional amendments suggested by the self-proclaimed DPR and LPRepublic presume that they will remain part of Ukraine but not in the confederative or federative status, with broader autonomy
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The constitutional reform has been announced by Poroshenko to strengthen and expand the presidential powers without pursuing a policy of decentralization, an expert says

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US hawks want Washington to shape its Russian policy around mounting military and economic pressure along with tough rhetoric thrown in. President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations Leslie H. Gelb calls this a "dangerous and losing strategy."

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According to investigators, Russian Alexander Razumov, who was impelled by Nazi ideas, came to Ukraine where he underwent a combat and ideological training as part of the extremist organization

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