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Author: Ayre от 13.07.2015, 08:00 1434 0

The U.S. Congress recently adopted an amendment that ostensibly forbid US advisors now training the Ukrainian army and National Guard from training members of the Azov Battalion.

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Militants from far right armed group ‘Right Sector’ clashed with police in western Ukraine on Saturday. Kiev called the incident an "act of terror," while the group said its forces would stand against the authorities across the country.

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Samantha Power’s delusions notwithstanding, due to the inordinate presence of non-democratic elements and outside the Maidan government, ‘Ukrainian democracy’ remains a distant dream. We learned from the shortcomings of early ‘transitology’ in the 1990s that free and fair elections do not a democracy make.

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A memorial service in honor of the MH17 flight victims has been held in Kuala Lumpur, marking almost a year since the tragedy. The Malaysian PM asked for “the fullest cooperation” internationally in gathering irrefutable evidence against the perpetrators.

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Active wave concerning forced mobilization to the DPR army started recently in Ukrainian mass media.