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The Russian president has asked the government to prepare a law to deal with products imported to Russia that violate the reciprocal embargo. The food would be destroyed on the border, instead of being sent back.
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Russia’s use of hybrid warfare in Crimea and eastern Ukraine must be countered, US Army General Joseph Votel, the head of Special Operations Command (SOCOM) told the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, the Department of Defense News reported.

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The Crimean people “seem happy to be back in Russia,” said the deputy of the French National Assembly at a press conference in Moscow on Saturday, after paying a two-day visit to the region. The French delegation confirmed Crimea is a peaceful region.

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The US has commended the proposal by Ukraine’s President to establish a demilitarized zone at the contact line in conflict-torn Donbass region, White House said in a release after a phone conversation between US Vice President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

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French delegation visited Crimea to see the Black Sea peninsula following its secession from Ukraine in March 2014.

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Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the Ukraine's application for membership in the EU in 2020 is not bravado.

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Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov noted that he is "disgusted" with the Ukrainian military's constant shelling of heavily industrialized areas in Donbass, which he said have led to several nuclear and ecological close calls.

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After the ‘LPR’ and the ‘DPR’, the two “People’s Republics’ in Eastern Ukraine, Zaporoje has become the next region in line to apply for a Special Status from Kiev. Although admittedly the extent of Zaporojie’s demands fall far short of the level of ambitions in Donbass.  

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Dialogue is the only effective way to resolve any problems, Jerome Lambert, the vice-president of the Committee for European Affairs of the French National Assembly believes

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Washington and its allies use military maneuvers to force Russia to soften its position on the Ukrainian crisis, but they will be disappointed and it is likely they will receive a similar response from Moscow, says the researcher for China’s International Research (CIIS).

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