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Plotnitsky commented on reports that LPR’s pension fund and social welfare agency allegedly want to stop making social payments to residents in case they receive payments from Ukraine

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Ukraine's gas imports from Europe over the last six months have outpaced Russia's supplies to the country by 3.1 billion cubic meters, according to Ukrtransgaz; however, Kiev's only European energy supplier actually gets their gas from Russia.

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About 20 militants of the Right Sector militant organization opened fire from small arms against their opponents, with whom they were distributing spheres of influence, in Mukachevo on July 11

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Russia has changed its naval doctrine. The Arctic, the Atlantic and Crimea as well as cooperation with China in the Pacific are now among the most important interests of Russia.

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On July 25, two unknown persons shot twice in the priest’s head at the entrance lobby of his apartment building in Kiev

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Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Cécile Pouilly says that almost 7,000 people have been killed and over 17,000 have been injured since the start of the Ukrainian conflict in April 2014.

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It's the 23rd anniversary of the peacekeeping operation in the region

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The stories of Crimea and Kosovo fuel concerns that only friends of Western countries, and not their opponents, are allowed to exercise the right to decide their own destiny, the NRC Handelsblad newspaper says.

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Ukraine’s Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the first instance and appeals courts "failed to establish details necessary for a right decision"