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The US plans to strengthen the military potential of its Eastern European allies in the framework of bilateral cooperation by supplying equipment, in particular, JASSM air-launched cruise missiles

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"Regrettably, it often happened that as soon as OSCE monitors had left populated localities shelling resumed", Russian Permanent Representative at the OSCE said

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Former US Ambassador to Russia and career diplomat Thomas Pickering said that US policy toward Russia over the Ukraine crisis is better served with engagement rather than sanctions.

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"Only correspondence with their prosecutor’s office. They write to us and we write to them," Aksyonov said, recalling a recent letter to his address on the part of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office

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A petition addressed to the Ukrainian president, parliament and government asking for the liberalization of private gun ownership has gained the necessary 25,000 votes within one week of the day of its submission and will now be sent to the president for consideration.

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"Due to Kiev’s machinations and manipulations at the Odessa customs office, the state’s treasury has fall short of 400 million hryvnias a month,"Odessa region governor said

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In an interview for Polish news website PortalSpozywczy.com, Roman Jagielinski, a former minister of agriculture and the current president of the Roja fruit company, admitted that Polish apple growers have been unable to find an effective replacement for their exports to Russia.

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Pushilin’s first decree as acting speaker was to dismiss head of the Council’s administrative department Alexei Alexandrov

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The Russian response to EU sanctions is absolutely legitimate as the international law allows the use of counter-measures to protect and restore legitimate interests of a state, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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The republic’s defence ministry said Kiev’s military had organised several provocations

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The SMM monitored the implementation of the “Package of measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements”. Its monitoring was restricted by the parties and security considerations*. The SMM observed few ceasefire violations in Donetsk region, and none in Luhansk.