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The head of the foreign affairs committee of the lower house of Russia's parliament claims that Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s statement that the country will not default was far from reality.

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One of them says he will continue studying at the university but, if necessary, he will pick up arms and defend his native land
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The Donetsk People's Republic invited OSCE's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights to observe local elections on October 18.

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The Ukrainian president stresses there will be no federalization or "special statuses" in the country

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Earlier Ukraine launched the project of the new patrol police, the first police officers appeared in the streets of Kiev, Odessa and Lviv

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Decentralization is one of the key provisions of the Minsk agreements. The deal was signed back in February by representatives of Kiev and Donbass self-proclaimed republics and stipulates several measures on Ukrainian reconciliation.

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Kiev denounced an agreement with Moscow on the scientific-technical cooperation within the defense industry.

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Airborne forces from Russia, Belarus and Serbia will work on preventing scenarios similar to the riots at Kiev's Maidan square during their joint drills, Commander of Russia's Airborne Forces Col. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov said Monday.

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Ukraine has 260 political parties
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The leaders of the Normandy Quartet have agreed to hold a telephone conversation on the situation in crisis-hit Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday.

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Nikolay Kovalyov has said he is confident that Ukraine’s covert military and technical cooperation "with particular countries" will soon become obvious

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