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» Media project  «Voice of Sevastopol»

Media project  «Voice of Sevastopol»

We are an independent media group running a network of online resources with a wide Internet audience. The group has social activists, bloggers and journalists from around the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The core of the network is the portal "Voice of Sevastopol", an independent informational and analytical Internet project created to counter the information warfare launched in the aftermath of the coup in Ukraine.


Our goal is to deliver real time reporting of reliable unbiased information about the situation in Sevastopol, Crimea and Novorossia to our readers.


Yevgeny Istyagin
CEO of "IAC "Cassad"

почта: director@cassad.net 


Vladimir Yevlashkin
Acting Project Manager of "Voice of Sevastopol"

почта: director-sev@cassad.net   


Karina Kazakova
Editor in chief

почта: press_karina@cassad.net


Georgy Rozhin
Head of content department

почта: sev_content@cassad.net




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