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Losses of foreign legions and NATO mercenaries in Donbass

Author: Ayre от 14.03.2015, 23:11
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NATO mercenaries in Donbass

Russian Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences and a member of the Academy of Military Sciences Igor Panarin counted the losses of foreign military as a result of participation in the so-called ATO, in the territory of Donbass. The document published is called: "The losses of foreign mercenaries and NATO troops in Donbass in the period from 2 May 2014 to 15 February 2015". As a result of calculations it became known that the foreign mercenary troops suffered losses of about 1,200 people killed.

The greatest losses among foreign mercenaries operating in the punitive units of Ukrainian junta were suffered by:

- Polish PMC «ASBS Othago» - 394 people (killed and wounded)
- American PMC "Greystone" -180 people,
- American PMC "Asademi" (until 2009 known as Blackwater) - 269 people.
Baltic sniper women lost 26 people. CIA - 25 people.

In addition, according to some expert data, there were about 25% of the personnel (approximately 2,200 people) of NATO troops and foreign mercenaries as a part of the encircled punitive group in Debaltsevo. This explains the diplomatic activity of the Western leaders and arrival of the leaders of France and Germany in Moscow.

We can assume the losses among NATO military and its allies (killed and wounded) in Debaltsevo pocket:

1.Soldiers of UK Airborne Service - about 20 people
2. The military forces of SOF (Special Operations Forces) of the United States - about 15 people
3.Soldiers of Foreign French Legion - 10 people.
4.Polish military -10 people
4.Soldiers from Israel -10 people.
5.Soldiers from Croatia -10 people.


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