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The MH17 flight crash in eastern Ukraine is still under investigation, but the situation is far more complicated than you might imagine, American analyst Phil Butler notes.

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A video has appeared on the internet showing a group of people paying protesters money to demonstrate in front of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament).

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Washington is perpetually creating new foreign monsters which provide the excuse for America's endless global crusade, American author Justin Raimondo points out.

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The White House has described relations between US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as "business-like" in response to a comment that both leaders "hate" each other recently made by the opinionated Republican presidential contender Donald Trump.

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Russia has changed its naval doctrine. The Arctic, the Atlantic and Crimea as well as cooperation with China in the Pacific are now among the most important interests of Russia.

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Although the Western media loves to discuss so-called Kremlin trolls, enthusiastic advocates of Moscow's will cherry-picked by none other than Vladimir Putin himself, they are nothing more than a phantom of the Pentagon trolls' "delirious imagination," Contra Magazine says.

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In the context of the on-going information war against Russia, being waged in concert mostly by the United States and Ukraine, creation of an international tribunal for probing into the crash of the Malaysian Airlines’ Flight MH17 over Donetsk in Ukraine last summer would be a politicized show trial, and not a means of establishing the truth, polled experts told TASS.

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Washington hawks want regime change in Russia, no more and no less. Their hatred of Putin, who has the guts to have his own opinion of world affairs, and who stands firm for his country’s right to look after its security interests, makes him the ultimate evil.

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Ukraine’s newly-effective ban on Communist participation in forthcoming elections, whatever its ideological disguise, is above all indicative of the authorities’ determination to get rid of political rivals, analysts say.

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We examine why the claims that a confrontation between Russia and Northern European states is apparently inevitable are a road to increased tensions, and the ideologies behind them.

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Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov noted that he is "disgusted" with the Ukrainian military's constant shelling of heavily industrialized areas in Donbass, which he said have led to several nuclear and ecological close calls.

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