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» » » Ten facts connected with the crash of Boeing 777 which are being ignored by western media

Ten facts connected with the crash of Boeing 777 which are being ignored by western media

Author: Ayre от 23.07.2014, 01:48
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The subject of Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines crash on July, 17 in Ukraine remains on the front pages of the world periodicals and contemporarily appears on the air of the leading TV-channels. Despite the fact that the new information almost doesn’t appear, western media prefer to ignore some of the topics.


1. «Buk», photo- and video shots of which are presented by special services of Ukraine, belonged to the army equipment of the country. Public prosecution office and militarists state that «Buk» had not been seized by militia. Where has it come up from then?
The Security Service of Ukraine published the photos and video of the hauling unit on which the ADMS «Buk» is said to have been transported from the territory of Ukraine. However its side number - 312 - coincides with the similar complex which has been notices in the Donetsk region way back in March when the army of the country carried out either regrouping or play-war there. Task forces controvert the statement that any complexes of such kind got in the hands of the militants.
2. On July, 18 the head of SSU Nalivaichenko announced the catch of certain «correctors» of «Buk» from Russia. However there is no need in people to use this complex in principle. Moreover, no further announcements on this subject followed.
«Rossiyskaya gazeta» quotes the representative of Russia Ministry of Defense about the fact that the fire correctors are used only for those armor systems whose targets are placed on the surface. After the publication of the announcement of Valentin Nalivaichenko in the Ukrainian media on July, 18 no information on the supposingly captured people has been coming up. Though the outraging announcement did not impress the international journalists.
3. Why, if the authorities had any suspicions that «Buk» could happen to be in the hands of the militia (who they called «terrorists»), there was not provided the embargo on flights of the aviation above the region?
The very first information that militia could possess the ADMS belonging to the Ukrainian army appeared way to the end of June. The representative of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine during the briefing on June,17 claimed that they have the information about the presence of ADMS in the East of Ukraine. Nevertheless the Ukrainian part did nothing to secure the sky above its territory from this hypothetic menace.
4. Kiev authorities speak about having the proof but no concrete confirmation has been provided by now.
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared about presence of some satellite shots confirming that the plane had been shot down namely by the militants. The words of the Ukrainian leader, as well as the commentaries of different security ministries of the country on this subject, are being quoted on all the leading TV-channels of the world, while even some of the western politicians demand not to make rough-and-ready conclusions.
5. Militia asked exactly international experts from the very beginning to come to the place but the Kiev authorities obstructed their operative arrival.
Absence of the international experts during several days surprised even western journalists who were able to investigate the place of the plane crash in time. Militia had been calling upon the international investigation while Kiev is threatening the experts with the absence of security on the place of tragedy.
6. No one of the local people had seen the start of the missile while «Buk» leaves noticeable plume.
The inhabitants of the Donetsk region have became the witnesses of the plane crash, the wreckage and dead bodies have been falling on their houses, nevertheless there are no evidences of the visible trace from the missile which can be seen up to ten minutes after. all witnesses spoke about falling wreckage, but no one mentioned that trace.
7. Tapes with the audio intercepts of SSU. Why, if the Ukrainian special services wiretapped the militants and learned about the accident with the plane, did this information appear much later?
According to the «tapped conversations» the information about the bringing down the civil plane was accessible for the SSU immediately after the accident. Why, if usually any, even the most doubtful, facts occur in the Ukrainian media, was the information published herein well after?
8. The tape appeared instantly, then it was deleted, then another version of the tape appeared. Russian experts doubt on its authenticity. the international analysis has not been executed yet however everyone insists on its originality despite the existing incoincidences.
«This audiotape is not the integral file, it is mounted out of several fragments», quotes the ITAR-TASS one of the most reputable specialists in the sphere of sound and speech analysis, the expert of the «Objective technologies» company Nikolay Popov. The military analyst Igor Korotchenko associates himself with him. «Russian experts in the sphere of sound recording made the analysis of this phonogram and found out that it was the cutting of several absolutely different conversations which were united in one file to make the statements of the official Kiev on the opinion that militia were obviously guilty in shooting down the Malaysian Boeing believable», he explained.
9. Russia declined taking the flight recorders immediately. The media though continue spreading the information bout the Russia’s attempts to worm out these recording devices anyhow.
In the interview after the tragedy the Russian minister of international affairs Sergey Lavrov announced that the Russian Federation does not want to get the flight recorders from the fallen plane. Nonetheless the media go on spreading the information about certain «interest from Russia’s side» to the board self-recording devices.
10. Dutch experts who have today arrived to the refrigerator train with the corpses for the first time proclaimed that they are keep in «fitting conditions».
Dutch expert Peter van Vilet reported to press: «We have examined the bodies which are being held in special refrigerating railcars. They are provided with optimal keeping conditions». The seeking of the bodies in going on, all of them are being centrally brought to the train with refrigerating cars, what did not short-circuit the messages about the inadequate treatment to the dead from the side of militia.

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