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A joke, having recently gained more and more popularity about the USA determined to wage war with Russia to the last ... Ukrainian, appears no longer a joke.
On July 22 Ukranian Supreme Council (Rada) supported a move advanced by president Poroshenko and declared a new round of civilian mobilization.

It is going to be a third round of mobilization. But where did go soldiers enrolled earlier in the Army? Just try to find out. Does any of you have acquaintances enrolled in spring? Have they returned? In full body?
Do you remember somebody speak big after elections that a war should not continue for months, and so called ATO (antiterrorist operation) is to be accomplished in hours. Who that might be?
It was YOUR PRESIDENT, my dear Ukrainians. Which some of you have elected. Two months have passed since the President had promised to accomplish so called ATO in counted hours and after inauguration arrive in Donetsk.
Two months!
A new round of mobilization, which, according to Rada law takes 45 days, means at least 2 months of war. At least! Because only in 2 months new recruits, enrolled in the 3d mobilization round, will begin to replenish the Army and be sent to reinforce fighting troops. And that is not so that they come back home next day.
Two months of war means that so called ATO continues until the end of September. At least untill the end of September. And then ... rains, slush roads, failed harvesting, first snow, winter colds.
How do you find the prospects?
In counted hours you say, Mr. Poroshenko? Peaceful plan, you say?
An interesting claim issued Mr. Paruby. Cited: "To accomplish third round of mobilization we also shall create a system to replenishing lack of personel."
Know what it means? It means, that mobilization is undertaken to replenish huge losses in Ukranian Army which so called ATO entailed.
And now another interesting question: Are the recruits, in the course of the third round of mobilization, supposed to undergo due course of apprenticeship, or be sent to fight straight off? If they be trained, how long? A week? To meet Donbass militants with three month's warfare experience?
But that's not the point.
The point is - why?
What are the fresh soldiers, whom Poroshenko enrolls, going to fight, particularly die for? Unified Ukraine?
That's what they think. As the matters stand Unified Ukraine existed under Yanukovich. So it was under Youschenko. Also under Krawchuck and Kutchma. Maybe it wasn't as Unified as it was wished to be, and definitely not as successful as it was dreamed to, but it did exist.
And what now?
Suppose Russia guilty again?
I even do not mean asking for evidence of Russian participation in battle actions. I just ask - why? Why Russia needs to wage war on Ukraine? What for?
Russia herself granted independence to Ukraine 23 years ago.
Why, during ruling by Krawchuck, Kutchma and Yanukovich and even under Yuschenko and Timoshenko, Russia was not at war with Ukrain. But now, as Kiev conveys, she fell to.
Why does Russia want Donbass? To resurrect destroyed cities anew at its own expense? To provide tens of billion roubles to pay pensions and social fares to Donbass residents? To rise Crimea is a heavy task for Russia. As to 7 million Donbass, no budget can stand it.
You will probably think all that is an insidious plot of Russia. If so, please answer, why in April Kiev refused to support federalisation referendum, for which South-East pleaded? In April no one demanded independnce. People wanted referen dum only. There is nothing awful in federelization - federalizations exist in Russia, USA, Switzerland and Germany. Nothing at all - everybody lives. Germany - not an example for you? Switzerland? What's the problem? Nothing to say about separating procedures of referendum and adopting federalization bill itself. Nobody knows what it would have been like. Why Kiev refused?
I'll tell you why. Because nobody intended to meet people' needs. Neither in the East, nor in the West of Ukraine. Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko didn't make a shit about people. Simply South-Eastern people caught it at once, while Western Ukranians did not. Although Poroshenko equally spat down high tower on both East and West. What has done to West? What has he done to Maidan? Spared Ukraine of oligarchs? Has sold his business as promised? Lustrated officials? Found out who was shooting at Maidan? Nothing. At all.
Nothing has Poroshenko  done, nothing is doing and nothing is going to do. So has Turchinov. And Yatsenyuk. And Avakov. And all the rest who got the Power. They desperately needed power. They didn't care a pin about people. South-East realized it at once, West and Kiev populace did not.
Do you know what's worst of all? Worst of all is that Poroshenko does not need the war himself. You think he enjoys it? Not in the least. He drinks like fish to keep down his fear of tomorrow. He would have made it much easier "to let Donbass go" than to keep his promise of peace and return soldiers back home and honestly rule. Moreover, without gone to war soldiers nobody will reap the harvest. And so is for all the rest industry, deprived of working hands, - impeding disaster.
On the whole, Poroshenko decides nothing. Не's a puppet in the hands of Washington. Washington needs war. The war in which Ukrainians would kill Russians and vice versa. And Washington spits down the higher tower than Poroshenko on bare heads of the Ukrainian kind. Pan Waltzman hasn't got such a tower as Mr. Obama has for Ukranians.
That's why Ukrainians who go fare war to the East, go fight, or rather die, not for Unified Ukraine, moreover not for freedom, independence and self-esteem. They go die for USA interests.
Ukranians go die, so that an afroamerican could get a medical care for free, as Obama had promised him. So that American government could cover the debts of American banks and companies. So that the whole world should be hanged on dollar. So that USA citizens should have the highest living standarts in the world. And so that Americans shouldn't have to go die in wars themselves.
For all that the USA are determined to wage war on Russia to the last Ukranian. Determined and will. And Ukranians will help them, desperately and self-rejected.
And Unified Ukraine is sacrificed to American interests. As each day comes Ukraine becomes less Unified, whatever Ukrainian TV channels say.
What has Poroshenko done to stop the war and prevent Donbass separation? Talked to Donetsk? No. Talked to Moscow? No. He talked to Washington and resumed ATO. Buried a number of thousand of killed soldiers, declared a new mobilization to replenish losses and make up incompletes, providing gun fire flesh for commannders.
You know what is more curious? Ukraine and Militant losses ratio makes up to 10:1. That is for 1 killed militant there are 10 Ukrainian. Approximately. What does that mean? That means that in the course of the war male population of Ukrainian West decreases ten times as much as that of Eastern part of the former Ukraine. My best congratulations to all Ukrainians, particularly to westerners. At that pace in a couple of years not only Donetsk will speak Russian, but Ternopol as well. Nothing to say about Kiev.
Wish all Ukrainians a nice fighting on the side of America!
For free and democratic country America, who has brought peace and serenity to Iraque and Serbia, Libya and Syria. And now Ukraine.
Forward to American dream! For medical insurance to each nigger! For new Jeep to each cowboy! For mortgage to each American. For dollar to each human being on earth. For bullet to each Ukranian.
Forward! Against Russia! Against Donbass! Against Ourselves!
Stand up and fight! To the last Ukranian!

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You have everything correct - you miss only one small fact: Obama works for no American, he works only for his small crew, the same as George W. Bush. These American gangsters care only for their $$$$.

Obama and his group, like GWBush before, suck all the money out of our country, like taking oxygen from the room. "America the Richest" Everyone is exhausted. Poverty is advancing. The rich getting so rich, while the poor pay $700b to the banks! $1T a year for an army that does what? $40b for the CIA, who murders women and children in Ukraine, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba, Congo on and on no country is spared and not even the United States. "America the Strong": 9/11 came to us by the "al Qaeda" the CIA invented, the same with Boston Bombings, from the Chechens the CIA created. "America the Free!" Now they send tanks from Iraq to be used by police in small town USA, and the police kill people on the streets for nothing. And a prison system the biggest in the world - a prison system to put any to shame (talk about Stalin's "gulag").

A salute to the Russian people who beat the Nazis in 1945, and those who are forced to fight them again today. The only question is if the American people allow their leaders to continue the wars as did the German people in 1943? We all know how that ended up.
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