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» » » "This morning I was not a separatist" - Ukraine, Donetsk 21.07.2014 (Video)

"This morning I was not a separatist" - Ukraine, Donetsk 21.07.2014 (Video)

Author: Ayre от 22.07.2014, 09:42
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The so-called «anti-terrorist» operation (in fact anti-human operation) which Kiev carries out on the east of Ukraine, everyday carries off a thousand of civil human lives. As a result, the ranks of the rebel army are increasing every day. And it is understanbale, people simply want to protect their family and friends, and this is the legal right to protect their lives and land.
To justify all the crimes which Ukrainian army ois committing on the east of Ukraine, junta in Kiev with the «president» Poroshenko is convincing citizens of central and western part of Ukraine, that on the east they are fighting with the terrorists from Russia. Ukrainian mass media became a totalitarian propaganda sources where other opinions has no right to exist. Ukrainian jourlalists do not show what happens in the areas which are under bombing of Ukrainian army. They can’t do that because in this case they will have to show that Ukrainian army is fighting with their own citizens.
Everyday, Secret Service of Ukraine (similar to FBI) and Department of the Interior affairs fabricates the outright lie, which is broadcasted on all Ukrainian mass media. Ukrainians from the central and western regions of Ukraine sincerely believe that they protect their country against agrresion of «bloody» Putin, while their sons and husbands lose their lives killing other citizens of their own country. This is the monstrous crime of Mr. Poroshenko and his masters in US Department of State.
«This morning I haven't been a terrorist yet» - said a man from the video below, whose  yard was bombed by the Ukrainian army in the morning of 21.07.2014. It was an ordinary citizen of Donetsk. Now he does not want to wait untill his family will be killed by the next bomb. Tomorrow he will take up arms and junta in Kiev will call him a terrorist.


This is how the United States by the hands of their puppets («President» - Mr.Poroshenko; Prime Minister - Mr. Yatsenyuk; Director of the Secret Service - Mr.Nalivaichenko) inflame a war and try to involve Russia and EU. Why? The war is the only chance for US to save the dollar. Once the relations between Russia and EU became more amicable and US started to lose their contol of them, right away a terrible disaster with Boeing 777 happened and buried any hope to install a strong partneship between Russia and EU.

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