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About the political motive of the persecution of Mr. Strelkov

Author: Ayre от 8.07.2014, 08:17
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Actually, the company of the persecution of Mr. Strelkov, which started yesterday, has not appeared from scratch. It has a purely political origin.

Many believed that Mr. Strelkov and his Brigade would die in Slavyansk. Leaving Slavyansk, he has become a “wild card” which has broken a range of preliminary plans.

In fact, the political motive of the leaving of Slavyansk was as important as military one. The military necessity of this action was told about before. The time to discuss the political motive of the maneuver of Strelkov has come.

After the Russian Government's about-turn on the foreign policy in April, 2014, only Mr. Surkov left to be responsible for all decisions about Donbass. Even Mr. Volodin was removed from the supervision this question.

When it became obvious that the Russian troops introduction had been postponed or cancelled at all, the question about the events that were happening in Donbass arose sharply.

Due to the fact that the betrayal the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic would have be dangerous for the domestic policy of the Russian Federation, the middle variant was chosen. Officially demonstrating the policy of non-interference, Moscow continued to support the rebellious Republics. Many considered such policy as a “cunning plan” of Putin.

It was decided to form Novorossia. According to plans, Tzarev should have headed this new state. Moreover, a range of so-called people’s governors (approximately 7-9 people) should have been under his leadership. Being in Moscow, Tzarev and other people, who should have substituted Tzarev in case of need, started to get money.


The first attempt to make Tzarev as a head of Donbass failed. In spite of the fact that Tzarev proclaimed Novorossiya, some figures such as Bolotov and Boroday, declared that Tzarev had not had an authority to make a decision like this, other people, in their opinion, were responsible for such actions. The second attempt was more successful. As far as Moscow began to direct to Tzarev a great part of money and humanitarian aid, the local leaders were forced not to be so arrogant.


Due to the fact that the junta had been supported by the USA, the situation in Donbass developed in a bad way. Thus, it was made a new decision to create the second Pridnestrovie in Donbass on base of two Republics with the population 7 million people. (For some time the idea of Novorossia had become a phantom of propaganda).


The USA and Kiev refused to admit this project. Thus, Mr. Akhmetov and his people were suggested to give a support to the revolt and take the positions in the power of the new state against the security of power and possessions. It should be underlined that all these talks about the nationalizations the possessions of Mr. Akhmetov were the public reflections of the negotiations with Mr. Akhmetov and his people. Initially Mr. Pushilin threatened to take everything away, after that, Mr. Boroday told that they would not follow the communist practice to take away everything, and then there were the new threats. The surrender of Mariupol was the part of this dialog. It is well-known that Mr. Akhmetov had a hand of this event, blocking the preparation works to defense in the city. The history with Mr. Khodakovsky was supposed to be also the part of these negotiations. Being the commander of the militia battalion “Vostok” , Mr. Khodakovsky was getting money from Mr. Akhmetov and was betraying his people in militia. Thereby, he removed patriots among the militia preventing any opportunity to create a real Donetsk People’s Republic.


The key thing is that Mr. Akhmetov has had a great influence on the leadership of Donetsk People’s Republic and the elite of Donetsk up to now. Taking into consideration this fact, Moscow (represented by Mr. Surkov and others) is trying to come to an agreement with him. It goes without saying that the junta and the USA are aware of this situation. Due to the fact that virtually all financial capitals of Mr. Akhmetov are invested in the West, the American influence is much stronger than the Russian influence is. Therefore, these negotiations could put off the prospect of the Republics' freedom in the distant future. At the same time some experts seriously think that the plan of the negotiations with Mr. Akhmetov would be successful.

Exactly these negotiations with Mr. Akhmetov, who had the contacts as with Moscow and with Kiev as well, have brought to the strange situation. Being at war, Donetsk has not been shelled seriously as, for instance, Lugansk has been. It seems that Donetsk has been kept far from serious military actions which took place around the Lugansk People’s Republic and near Slavyansk. It stands to reason that all contacts have been through the representatives of Mr. Akhmetov. All these people could be found as in the Kiev guidance as in the leadership of the Donetsk People’s Republic.


Analyzing situation in Donetsk, it should be noted that during three month the attempts to create common military command and executive system of new state, the opportunities to remove the Ukrainian local authorities have regularly failed. The troops of militia have been separated; poor organized and have not been able to attack the enemy. Admittedly, the groups for offensive against Ukrainian troops near Slavyansk have not been organized during the period May-July. This fact illustratively demonstrates that some people have not been interested in the successful military actions of the militia.

The looting, the robbery, the murders, the criminal business have become the ordinary things in Donetsk. The assistant of Pushilin was killed. There was an assassination attempt on Gubarev life. The militia spent time without any purpose near the Donetsk airport for over a month. There were not any serious attempts to capture tanks’ depot in Artemovsk. Although there were not any obstacles to capture this essential depot using available tanks, APC and 2-3 companies of the militia. Obviously, some people from Donetsk leadership hampered the progress of these actions.

By the time of finishing a truce, the situation in Donetsk evidently indicated that the Donetsk People’s Republic would be betrayed. In fact, the city did not take part in the war; the local politicians bargained with Moscow and Kiev. Actually, the Donetsk People’s Republic and its citizens became the hostages of this bargaining. As for Strelkov, he was destined to die the death of a hero in Slavyansk.


It became obvious to everyone in July that the truce was used just for concentrating the junta’s troops in Donbass. The party of losers gradually strengthened its positions keeping the negotiations with the representatives of Kremlin. In fact, they were prepared to surrender Donetsk.

They were not interested in war. Moreover, they were not keen on Strelkov. Thereby, the junta cut off all the ways which could be used to supply Slavyansk. At last, the only road through Nikolaevka left free. Nobody was going to organize the stable corridor to the city. The troops from the Russian Federations were not expected. It should be underlined that the assistance of the Russian troops was the crucial factor that encouraged the militia to defence so important communications hub as Slavyansk. The unblocked blow from the outside was not expected also. Toward the evening 2, July, Strelkov fully realized that he had been assigned to be a lamb to the slaughter. Although, according to his speeches, he had suspected something like that a bit earlier. In addition to this, he got the information that the betrayal was maturing in Donetsk.

When the swift breakthrough of Strelkov happened, many were shocked. Then this created a panic. Strelkov collected the garrisons of the cities that had been left, and came to Donetsk. He was going to take up an active defensive position relying on Donetsk and Gorlovka. In this way he ruined all plans to surrender Donetsk to the junta. Thus, Mr. Akhmetov cried “do not bomb Donetsk”, the junta’s promised “we will not bomb Donetsk”, and hysteria was on the Internet that “Strelkov carries the war in Donetsk”.

It goes without saying that he carries war in Donetsk, because some people wished to surrender Donetsk without war and bury the Donetsk People’s Republic. Strelkov threw into confusion the plans of the party of losers. Moreover, he threatened to ruin negotiations Mr. Surkov and Mr. Akhmetov. Strelkov could not take part in these negotiations because of two reasons.

1. Strelkov belongs to the conditional “party of war”, which is not interested in the peace with the junta. This party is going to battle to the bitter end and raise the banner of the victory over Kiev. Having such intentions, Strelkov could not take part in behind-the-scenes negotiations the junta and Akhmetov. The battles in the Donetsk agglomeration would come as to the protracted fighting as to the numerous destructions of the infrastructure and Akhmetov's property as well. It is obvious that, flirting with the Donetsk People’s Republic, Mr. Akhmetov would not have expected for such result.

2. Strelkov is a supporter of right and monarchical ideas. Due to this fact he deals with the nationalists and even with the radical right-wingers such as Mr. Prosvirin, and accepts the assistance from each and all. Mr. Surkov and Kº are not keen on right Novorossiya. In spite of the fact that Strelkov openly supports Mr. Putin and has no any projects to create his own state, some people considers him as radical nationalist who is going to capture Rostov and go march to Moscow. All these talks about Strelkov's intentions are rank nonsense.


The people like Surkov are very close to the people like Akhmetov, Medvedchuk, Tzarev, who could have got the positions in authority in case of the Donetsk Pridnestrovie. It is unlikely that the people’s leaders like Mozgovoy or Gubarev would be allowed to make the crucial decisions. Such figures frighten the people who are accustomed to settle all problems in the circle of acquaintance.

At the same time the Russian authorities frighten themselves of “patriotic Maydan” which could be the result of exactly Surkov’s policy of creating new Pridnestrovie through the negotiations with Akhmetov. Many supporters of Putin can not understand and accept the new policy. Initially they ask questions, then they search people who are responsible for such political course, and sooner or later they return to the policy of Kremlin again.


It should be understood that just this policy ruins the majority of Putin’s supporters and makes the “patriotic Maydan” as a real threat, which should be considered as an effect of the Donetsk schemes of Mr. Surkov. By the way, there is no anything new. It should be reminded that the same “cunning schemes” of Mr. Surkov in the domestic policy led to the public disorder in Moscow after the elections the 4, December, 2011. After this he was dismissed from the position. Mr. Volodin, who was appointed instead of Surkov, was able to isolate the group of Surkov and to raise the rating of Mr. Putin from the 36% in January, 2012 till the 86% in April, 2014


To all appearance, the current situation repeats itself. Obviously, creating these “cunning schemes”, Mr. Surkov make trouble as for the Donetsk People’s Republic as for Mr. Putin. Because such his policy forces the part of majority Putin’s supporters to become members of the opposition. In case of realizing the “patriotic Maydan” in Russia, the Americans would find its participants among the former supporters of Putin. Thereby, using long words about the “threat of patriotic Maydan” as a cover, in fact Mr. Surkov and Kº are preparing this Maydan decreasing the number of Putin’s supporters.


This policy was obvious for the certain circles in Moscow. No doubt, Strelkov was informed about the situation that was happening in Donetsk. Mr. Strelkov should not be considered as Don Kikhot. Thus, when Strelkov's suspicions were confirmed by the information about situation in Donetsk, the swift breakthrough was organized. The main purpose of this breakthrough was the destroying the party of losers that threatened the future of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Russian Federation as well, creating the opportunity for revolution.


Leaving Slavyansk, Strelkov forced the part of people, who had been involved in the process of betraying the Donetsk People’s Republic and the negotiations with Mr. Akhmetov, to run away from Donetsk. It was said that former commander of battalion “Vostok” Mr. Khodakovsky went to Mariupol. Mr. Khodakovsky was getting the salary from Mr. Akhmetov. At the same time he was travelling to Moscow without difficulty. The Ukrainian local authorities that had worked in Donetsk freely also went away. Suddenly the mayor Lukyanchenko went to Kiev “for consultation”. The Ukrainian military units that had been in Donetsk were captured by Strelkov.

In this way, being supported by the certain circles in Moscow, Strelkov is destroying the basis for the collusion the junta and Mr. Akhmetov. It is obvious that it would be difficult to surrender the city where the militia fights with the junta. It should be noted that Strelkov’s military army is the largest among other units of militia. In addition to this, he carries a significant authority among militia and the civilians of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

This Strelkov authority threatens the traitorous policy, thus, the reputation of Strelkov must be destroyed as fast as possible. Thereby, the propagandistic company “Strelkov is a betrayer” has been started. Some dissemblers are trying to save destroying scheme of Surkov and Akhmetov flinging mud at Strelkov. Mr. Kurginyan and Mr. Bagirov are not the main people in this persecution. They just express publicly a disappointing opinion that Strelkov has survived and confused the “cunning schemes”.



Mr. Kurginyan gave a start to the hysterical character of this company, which illustratively demonstrates that that company has not been well-prepared and, therefore, it is not convincing enough. It should be underlined that Mr. Kurginyan was not an organizer, he was just an initiator. Primitively blaming Strelkov, Mr. Kurginyan discredited himself completely. Strelkov had defended Slavyansk for 3 months, providing time for creating state system. Due to the efforts the people who are running away from Donetsk this moment, the decent state system has not been created. Taking into consideration that fact that Donetsk had almost been betrayed and surrendered, Kurginyan speech was illustrative.


If the reputation of Strelkov is not destroyed, the assassination attempt on his life will be made. Such attempts on Bolotov and Mozgovoy lives have already been made. These leaders also belong to the “party of war”. Due to their activity the collusion and betrayal are impossible. That is why, it is essential to defame or to kill them. In this respect, the people who fling mud at Strelkov, actually bring grist to the junta’s mill. In fact, they support the party of losers who would be interested in behind-the-scenes negotiations with Akhmetov and would prepare to surrender Donetsk. It is the rhetorical question whether they are interested more in money or in the ideological views.

Silly users of the Internet, who have taken up this propaganda, could be considered as the consumables of the big politics, which is carried behind the backs of the volunteers who every day heroically fight against the superior forces of the junta.

It is not worth idealizing Strelkov. It is unlikely that he would be a competent statesman. In addition to this, his ideological views are a bit peculiar. The key thing is that Strelkov’s activity near Slavyansk and the Russian propaganda have made him a serious political figure who is supported by many armed people. Strelkov has become a force to be reckoned with. He is dangerous as for the Ukrainian fascists as for the Russian losers, therefore, all of them are interested in his death.



It should be understood that Strelkov is the person who represents the real Donetsk People’s Republic. The blow to the people like Strelkov, Gubarev or Mozgovoy is, first of all, the blow to the real Republic where no place for Akhmetov, Khodakovsky or Medvedchuk.

Therefore, the present situation around Strelkov is illustrative. It helps to reveal the ulterior enemies of the real independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic. So, collect the surnames and nicknames of the people who on purpose or unintentionally are digging a grave for the Donetsk People’s Republic. Need to know the enemy in the face.

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