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Why neo-Nazi in Ukraine?

Author: Ayre от 7.08.2014, 18:06
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Author: Alex


Many western observers wonder why the US relied on neo-Nazi as a driving force for the Ukrainian coup. Here is a typical example.


There are historical reasons for this.

After Russian revolution in 1917 Poland with western backing waged a war on Russia and annexed territories of western Ukraine. These territories stayed under Polish control until 1939. German Nazi created a terrorist network of Ukrainian nationalists OUN-UPA to terrorize Polish authorities as well as spy on Poland, Russia and Czechoslovakia. Terrorists were trained, armed and generously funded by German intelligence. They carried out high profile terror attacks such as assassination of Polish minister of internal affairs, Bronisław Pieracki in 1934.

Before an attack on Soviet Union in 1941, Nazi created two battalions of Ukrainian nationalists Nachtigall and Roland. The ideology of Ukrainian Nazi was scaled down provincial Nazism. They believed that nations fight Darwinian survival of the fittest and wanted to ethnically cleanse all non-Ukrainians in what they believed to be Ukraine. Of course Ukrainians, who accepted soviet power were to be killed as well. The Ukrainian commander of Nachtigall battalion Roman Shukhevych wrote in instructions for his troops:

“OUN must strive to destroy everyone who accepted Soviet power. We don’t need terror, we need annihilation. Don’t worry that people might damn us for our cruelty. Even if only half of current Ukraine’s population of 40 million survives, it is not something to be afraid of.”

The Ukraininan Nazi battalions started the war 3 days after the invasion by Lvov pogrom that left behind plenty of photographic evidence. Jews were rounded up, forced to lick the roads, crawl miles to the jail on their knees with their hands up. Women were stripped naked in the streets and beaten to death with sticks.

After capture of Kiev by Germans, Ukrainian Nazi were used to execute between 100 000 and 200 000 people in Babi Yar. Ukrainian Nazi systematically ethnically cleansed Poles, killing over 60 000. Women cut in two by saws, pregnant women opened with pieces of broken glass stuffed into their bodies, children with red stars carved on their foreheads among other things were left behind to terrorize the survivors. But perhaps the symbol of Ukrainian Nazism was an alley in the village of Lozovaya, where they decorated an alley by little children nailed to the trees, the “wreaths”. They called it a “Ukrainian independence alley”.

Although expanded significantly by POWs, who joined the Nazi in an attempt to avoid death in German camps, and supplemented by Ukrainian SS division "Galician", Ukrainian Nazi never were a formidable military force and were only good for extermination of unarmed civilians. As his German masters were nearing defeat, Roman Shukhevych issued an order to hurry up with exterminating Poles:

“Given the advance of Bolsheviks, we have to speed up extermination of Poles. Cut to the root. Villages populated by Poles only must be burned to the ground. In mixed villages exterminate Poles only”.


Fortunately for Ukrainian Nazi, after the war they found new masters. Pope Pius XII petitioned allied forces to not hand Ukrainian NAZIs over to the USSR, where they would have faced justice, because “they [were] good Catholics and fervent anticommunists.” Until 1954 Both Britain and the US used OUN-UPA underground terrorist network, Nazi left behind in Ukraine and after it was defeated by Soviet authorities allowed Ukrainian Nazi to immigrate in the US, UK and Canada.

Ukrainian Nazi were valuable for the Cold war purposes not only for their knowledge of the language and culture, but also for their hatred of Russians and communists. The US and the UK were Russia’s allies in the war so attitudes of both Brits and Americans were not Russophobic enough. Ukrainian Nazi, on the other hand, totally considered Russians their sworn enemies. So Ukrainian Nazi made fast carreer through the ranks of American and British intelligence, military, political, academic and business structures.

Under the CIA patronage Ukrainian Nazi, that were exterminating other ethnic groups through WWII created an “Antibolshevik league of nations”, that united other “victims” of communism such as themselves. Interestingly, althought there were planty of Russian Nazi collaborators, they were not represented in the league. This proves once again that western anticommunism is just a disguise for Russophobia. German commander of Ukrainian Nazi battalion Nachtigall Theodor Oberländer was also very active in the structure as late as in 1980-s.

Ukrainian Nazi that emigrated to the West and their children brought up in the Nazi ideology were the driving force in splitting Ukraine from Russia. They were theaching Nazi ideology to Ukrainian children from 1990s to this day. Two coups the US carried out on Ukraine brought to power Viktor Yushchenko and Alexander Turchinov – both children of Nazi collaborators. Viktor Yushchenko is married to Kateryna Chumachenko – an American citizen of Ukrainian descent, whose parents apparently were Nazi collaborators too. Officially they were Soviet POW and a slave girl captured by Germans, who got married in Nazi Germany and even had children there. But 76% of Soviet POWs died in captivity. Life of soviet slaves in Nazi empire was not much better. The story sounds highly suspicious.

At any rate Chumachenko was a member of the Nazi “anti-bolshevik league of nations” and was dispatched to Ukraine to spread Nazi propaganda about “famine genocide” and such. After bringing Yushchenko was brought to power in Ukraine by the US backed coup in 2004, the couple posthumously awarded the Ukraine’s top military award “Hero of Ukraine” to the head of Ukrainian Nazi Stepan Bandera and the commander of battalion Nachtigall, Roman Shukhevych. The birthday of the Nazi is celebrated by regular marche with torches in the capital of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.


So on the surface reliance of the US on neo-Nazi in Ukraine has historic roots and might be explained by prevalence of Ukrainian Nazi and their descendants in American Ukrainology. But there is a reason why Nazi are that prevalent there. Ukrainian Nazi better reflect the attitude of American elites to Russia than regular Americans ever could.

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