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Ukraine – some clarity on the eve of Hell!

Author: Ayre от 12.08.2014, 17:41
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If NATO and European countries do not immediately and firmly cease their support for the terrorist-putschist government of Ukraine and the provocative tactics of the USA, these upcoming images may well become images of our own lives in the very near future. Just like in these images, our mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers might one day be lying dead on the streets, our beloved, helpless children might one day be torn to pieces and lying in the dirt. Anyone will be able to shoot us at his will, and then cold-bloodedly watch us die. Our mothers, wives and daughters might one day be raped and robbed just like the women in these images. Similar to the stories that these pictures tell, we might be forced to become refugees and struggle with thirst and hunger. Our houses on fire, our wives and friends mutilated.

Why is World War III just around the corner? First – the financially-dependent, and externally led government of the USA wants the war. Second – US economy is bust, the country is the world’s biggest borrower and, is basically bankrupt. Third – the brand new BRICS banking system is deepening the crisis of the capitalist system, the Wall Street and the Pentagon. Fourth – this is not the first time the USA has used wars to sanify sovereign defaults. Fifth – the serfs of the Wall Street in the White House and the Pentagon are lusting after undivided global domination. Sixth – majority of people in the world believed in the US lies about “Arab Spring” and failed to notice the aggressive, predatory nature of the wars that were disguised as a “fight for democracy”. Seventh – all mainstream media, being an integral part of the US shenanigans, are hard at work whitewashing US military and political lies, preparing the peoples of the world for war. Eighth – people have lost the ability to critically analyze and are not able to notice what is happening today, specifically in Ukraine.

It is important to describe the reasons why the new putschist government in Ukraine should be stripped of every kind of support. First – this government is a result of a terrorist putsch carried out by criminals. Second – it can be proven that these criminal elements were hired, driven to carry out the putsch, armed, trained and supplied with everything they need in their terrorist endeavors by the American warmongers. Third – not only the putschist government are the mercenaries of the American warmongers, but also the so called “Nazis”. Anyone with open eyes and a functioning brain can see that these “Nazis” appear wherever and whenever there is a need to destabilize the situation and turn peaceful honest demonstrations into civil unrest and chaos. They push entire countries into civil wars. They are called “Nazis”, but these, almost always black-clothed, mercenaries have nothing to do with interests of any nation or country. They do not represent any nation, law, ideology, moral or ethical values. These are hired, professional terrorists who, like a horrible menace, always perform the same task – wherever there is a threat to the plans of their masters, they divert, confuse and scare the local movements and organizations fighting against the new world order. And they also get the people ready. Ready for what? Ready to be manipulated by the mass media. Manipulated into what? Into anything mass media masters wish them to be manipulated into.

What are the goals of the men who hired the Maidan terrorists in Ukraine, the so called Ukrainian “Nazis”? American employers of the putschist government of Ukraine are also the employers of the Ukrainian “Nazi” movement. Both belong to the same terrorist organization. Both have the same task – completely destabilize Ukraine and, in alliance with NATO, prepare it for war against Russia. Yes, this is the ultimate goal. War against Russia. But how is this fatal coalition preparing its war against Russia? They are criminalizing and terrorizing any force that attempts to stand for the national interests of Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine. They label true national interests as “dangerous” and “separatist”, they carry out horrific terrorist acts and blame them on the people who they labelled as “separatists”. They also blame them on the so called “Nazis”. But why? Aren’t the so called “Nazis” their own weapon? The answer is simple. The so called “Nazis” are presenting themselves as “activists for the true national interests”, as “patriots”, and the public opinion starts to associate any patriotic movement, anyone fighting for national interests with “Nazis”. Patriotism becomes mixed with Nazism and people can no longer distinguish one from the other. Every group with national interests as its first priority gets automatically labelled as “Nazi” and demonized. Why is this important? Because this allows the “masters” of the new world order to destroy the last remaining manifestations of national identity. The international community is reminded again and again that any nation that values its identity and aims to protect its national interests is on a dangerous path to Nazism, that patriotic nationalism is just about the same as terrorism.

Why is the new Ukrainian government in alliance with the Nazi vassals doing what it does? Because together they represent the interests of the USA, and not Ukraine. It is important for us to understand that as a result of the coupe d’état, Ukraine is now under US occupation. The US warmongers have only one thing to worry about in Ukraine – the Ukrainian people. True patriots, whether they are of Ukrainian or Russian descent, whether they are pro-Ukrainian or pro-Russian, stand in the way of US occupation. Which is why the main goal of the new terrorist government and their Nazi allies is to wipe out every pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian force there is in Ukraine. These forces are blamed for terrorist acts. Pro-Ukrainians are accused of being Nazis, pro-Russians are labelled as dangerous separatists. This blame game is building an atmosphere of fear and distrust in Ukraine, and at the same time, it is preparing the European countries for war. The “big plan” is as follows – US warmongers, bribed and manipulated by the real masters of the new world order, are pursuing world domination. Thanks to two World Wars, these forces already dominate Europe, and have just recently, before our own eyes, taken over the African continent and its natural resources via so called “humane” wars disguised as “fighting for democracy”. The next target is their biggest and most dangerous opponent – Russia. Then it will be China’s turn. And let’s not forget Iran.

Here is where it gets really dangerous for all of us. Through occupation of Ukraine, the US warmongers have now reached Russia’s front yard. The legitimate, democratic referendum that allowed Russia to retake Crimea has interfered with the warmongers’ plans, and that is why every US-controlled mainstream media outlet got involved in a slander campaign against the referendum. It was denounced as “illegitimate” despite the clear evidence that is was conducted in a transparent and lawful manner. The US can never defeat Russia alone. And this is an opportunity for our European countries. US warmongers need NATO and European armed forces to overpower Russia. This is why US is constantly working on rousing Europe’s appetite for war. It seems that nothing will stop them from reaching their goal. As long as we continue to listen to US-controlled mass media, war propaganda will continue to progress with every passing day. As long as we continue to listen to mass media, terrorist warmongers will not lose. They will continue to candidly shoot and kill unarmed citizens, crucify helpless children, chain their mothers to tanks and drag them until only their bare skeletons remain. They will continue to terrorize mothers who are trying to take a civil stand in Ukraine, they will continue to kill, rape and burn, blaming it all on their “colleagues” – Nazi vassals. This turns every manifestation of true patriotic people’s will, of national conscience into a stinking pile of defecations. As long as we continue to listen to the leading media sources that belong to these terrorists, they can continue to bomb hospitals, schools, planes and houses, while blaming it all on the pro-Russian activists. The only reason they can get away with using cluster bombs, or other lethal weapons, is because all their terrorist acts are covered up by the mainstream mass media that they themselves own. Any lies can be fabricated this way. The US sponsored terrorists can openly use their own weapons, arms supplied by the US warmongers, and the mass media will blame it all on Russia or “pro-Russian separatists”. All this is done with one goal in mind – Russia has to be forced to get involved militarily, to take the blame for starting the war. And this will pull the media-deceived, confused nations of Europe into the war. As soon as this happens, the seekers of world domination will reach their goal. We, Europeans, will be risking our lives fighting their wars, and our nations will be destroyed.

If we do not immediately and firmly cease our support for the terrorist-putschist government of Ukraine and the US warmongers who stand behind them, these upcoming images may well become images of our own lives in the very near future. Atomic mushrooms just like these ones might soon appear above our heads. Just like in these images, our mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers might one day be lying dead on the streets, our beloved, helpless children might one day be torn to pieces and lying in the dirt. Anyone will be able to shoot us at his will and then cold-bloodedly watch us die. Our mothers, wives and daughters might one day be raped and robbed just like the women in these images. Similar to the stories that these pictures tell, we might be forced to become refugees and struggle with thirst and hunger. Our houses on fire, our wives and friends mutilated. This is what our cities will look like, with our corpses lying everywhere. And later, when we run out of bullets trying to fight these warmongering Satan’s serfs, when Europe will be drowning in its own blood, when Russia will be no more, when China and all the other countries that will be dragged into this war lose their last fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, we will be left with just one hope – that these power-thirsty warmongers, the perpetrators of all this despair won’t get away with one last great deception, that they won’t deceive us into accepting them as the Messiah, as the great Savior. They will try to manipulate history as they always did and will try to convince everyone that they are the saviors of humanity. But this time their true identity will be revealed. Relentless murderers, lawless imposters trying to present themselves as true world leaders, False Messiahs. And their mass media are the False Prophets.

Peoples of Europe, rise, do not collaborate with these warmongers, deny them entry into your countries, into your air space. Make use of the sovereignty of your air space and do not allow these criminals to ever cross it. Do not cooperate with these warmongers. A much better option is constructive cooperation with Russia. It should not be forgotten that these warmongers who are trying to drag us, entire Europe, into war, are the same warmongers who just recently, in front of cameras, before our eyes, bombed entire nations, nations like Iraq, all based on fabricated evidence and lies. The nations they bombed were better than them. Put a stop to this terrorism that pretends to be fighting for humanity and democracy, but in reality is contradicting every international law. Anyone capable of thinking clearly will admit that the only way for Europe to survive is in a peaceful alliance with Russia, in unity with all those countries that are now being attacked, occupied and destroyed by the USA. Peace can be achieved in this world, but we need to remember that if we allow ourselves to be deceived by today’s war propaganda in the mainstream mass media, they will drag us into a war with Russia, China and others. Their World War III will once again be taking place on European soil, but there will be no winners in Europe, only losers. If these warmongers succeed in building the new world order and become our masters, do you really think they will treat us better than they have treated all these people in the countries they occupied and destroyed? These snakes and scorpions will never turn into innocent sheep. They will treat us exactly the same way. Look at how the so called American government is sucking all the blood out of their own people. It is obvious that they don’t consider Americans to be their own people, otherwise, they would cherish them as if they were their children. But they don’t. Look at how they have pushed a third of the world population into starvation, while investing billions upon billions into their military complex. And these relentless murderers will be our new masters if we don’t oppose them and don’t take the right path.

Avoid being dragged into a war for reasons promoted by the US and mass media. Why are we so easily deceived by these warmongers in the first place? Because we are blinded by the mass media, we are caught in a web of Hollywood productions and have turned into spiritually cruel, indifferent, egoistic people, living fantasy lives in a fantasy world. Because we have become slaves of lust. We have allowed all the evil from US to weaken us. We have become slaves of sex, drugs, alcohol and entertainment. We have turned into greedy, entertainment-obsessed, completely indifferent, heartless, basically misanthropic egoists. Hypnotized by our descent into lust and sin, we’ve let these snakes and scorpions into our country, and have done nothing to confront them. We have accepted any lie, no matter how big, as long as nothing interfered with our parties, singing and dancing. We are sure that we have everything, but everything has already been secretly taken from us. We will soon realize this. If our peoples cease to exist, it will only happen because we got caught in the spider webs of global mass media and the insidious war sect. Because we let these cunning men, these wolves in sheep’s clothing, sneak in to our countries and take over power. We became victims of a sect, of the biggest death sect the world has ever seen.


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