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Is the Right Sector the main separatist force in Ukraine?

Author: Ayre от 24.08.2014, 20:38
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When Ukraine gave up Soviet ideology, it was frantically searching for new heroes. And instead of looking to heroes of the Great Patriotic War* (*transl. note: World War II during the USSR’s involvement in it in 1941-1945) or to the Cossack chieftains of the Russian Empire, they chose rather questionable “heroes” – Mazepa the traitor, Bandera the terrorist, Shukhevich the murderer of peaceful Jews and Poles…
And there is nothing surprising about the fact that after the junta came to power under Banderian slogans, the most dramatic representatives of the new government and the new heroes turned out to be likewise questionable, “with a stench” so to say…
There has been much said about the bandit essence of the Right Sector. The Russian television, having no sense of control, has made members of the Right Sector practically the main moving force of the revolution, which is of course not quite so. Not the main one. But the most aggressive one, the most lawless and the most ready to kill.
After Alexander Muzychko, better known by the nickname ‘Sashko the White’ (Sashko Biliy), was killed in the process of being detained, the Right Sector’s PR folks Borislav Bereza and Anton Skoropadsky worked hard to decrease the amount of attention to the organization’s activity at least among the Ukrainian mass media. When the resource of Igor Kolomoisky, who got help from the Right Sector’s gunmen in subduing Odessa and in bring an aggressively submissive order in Dnepropetrovsk, came to their aid, the Right Sector was presented almost as the “saviors of the country.” The country, however, shudders time after time from such “saviors.”
We will not talk about the artwork of the Right Sector militia in the zone of the punishing operation, although even the “heads” of Lugansk appointed by Kiev are protesting against the gunmen’s lawlessness. We will have a look at a region which is in the geographically opposite area that is for now still a part of Ukraine – Transcarpathia (Zakarpatye). If not counting Crimea, it was the last to become part of Ukraine. This region has strong autonomous and in some parts separatist sentiments, and not just among people that have Russian or Hungarian roots, but also among Ukrainians who do not feel one with Kiev which is gleefully leading the country not into Europe, but rather into something halfway in between the Middle Ages and North Korea.
And it is the Right Sector that is intensifying such sentiments. Here is something published by the Zerkalo Nedeli resource (the ‘Weekly Mirror’), which is hardly one with a liking for Russia or for the Novorussia republics.
“On the night before August 8, shots were fired near the building of the regional Directorate of the Ukrainian Security Council in downtown Uzhgorod. As a result, a police worker was wounded… Not long before that, a conflict occurred in a different part of Uzhgorod – on Drugetov street. Several people in a car attempted to block the automobile of a commander from an Alpha special forces subdivision, who was going about his own business, and even shots were fired in the air. Some time later, the same people, “warmed up” with some alcohol, started barging into the building of the Directorate of the Ukrainian Security Council, demanding that the personnel on duty lay down their arms and leave. A police patrol group that was called arrived on location and reprimanded the five troublemakers dressed in fatigues. One of them tried to grab the gun from the holster of a patrol police worker, and when the policeman’s partner fired a warning shot into the air, a second hooligan fired shots from his own gun directly at the police worker. Two bullets hit a 28 year old staff sergeant in the legs. Several minutes later, police support arrived at the Directorate of the Ukrainian Security Council, four of the troublemakers were detained and one was able to flee. It was later established that three of the detainees were drunk.”
Shortly afterwards, it was discovered that it was Right Sector activists that fired at the police, including Bogdan Pylypiv, who is known for his participation in all the notorious deeds of the Right Sector in Transcarpathia – lynching of the head of the Chop customs Sergei Kharchenko, the “clearing out” of the acting head of the regional police force Vasily Turdai, forced takeover of Victor Medvedchyuk’s country cottage in Volovets district and much more.
The Right Sector has officially dissociated itself from Pylypiv, stating that he had been ousted, but another participant of the rowdy scene turned out to be an active Right Sector member who had just returned from Donbass. It is possible that the drunken roughnecks were celebrating his return.
On the night before August 12, near the Lvov region town of Stryi, policemen detained two off-road vehicles with six Right Sector militants from Transcarpathia. The organized crime police workers were forced to shoot the tires of the SUVs since they refused to stop otherwise.
The Right Sector issued an angry press release: “A Right Sector group from Transcarpathia, while returning from the antiterrorist operation, were given a rough welcome by the Lvov organized crime police. The guys were returning home from the war after many battlefield operations. In the course of being detained, they were fired at. Is this how Motherland greets its heroes?!”
But it soon turned out that the “heroes” were transporting, besides several shotguns which may have been duly registered, a PK machine gun, five Kalashnikov machine guns, two grenade launchers, 12 grenades of various types, 50 magazines for Kalashnikov machine guns with cartridges, three bayonets, as well as other smaller arms and munition.
In other words, the “heroes” are most likely plain looters who stole weapons from Donbass and were transporting it for sale. Though the author of Zerkalo Nedeli does not state the above, he does ask the question of “does participation in the antiterrorist operation give the right to possess military illegal firearms? The question could be even broader: could defense of the country’s sovereignty justify criminal acts?”
The journalist himself answers this question: “Activity of the Transcarpathian Right Sector is evidence that this organization has quite a number of illegal military firearms (including machine guns), using it in business and political dealings… Participation in the antiterrorist operation cannot justify or be cover for criminal acts. If defending the country’s sovereignty calls for respect and honor, then illegal possession of firearms and drunken debauchery that includes wounding a police worker is grounds for criminal liability. Bringing firearms from the area of military operations into a peaceful region is unacceptable. The deeds of the Right Sector show that armed people who in the eastern part of the country are protecting it, turn into drunken hooligans and armed mercenaries in the western part, participating in dirty political and business dealings.” ***
Actually, reports of the Right Sector’s criminal acts have been received not just from the Donbass and Transcarpathia area. In response to any acts by the Internal Affairs Ministry, members of the Right Sector threaten a “military campaign against Kiev.”
And as a result, who is the greater threat to Ukraine’s territorial integrity – the militants of Lugansk and Donetsk, who never gave cause to think that their goal is aggression against other regions? Or the Right Sector, which is destroying the Internal Affairs Ministry system, is setting people against the new government and is forcing peaceful farmers to take up arms?
If I were an average journalist from Kiev, I would definitely call Dmitry Yarosh an agent of the Russian FSB, who is secretly carrying out Putin’s order on breaking down Ukraine.
But I will merely remind that fascists, though in their speech they are for a strong government and territorial expansion, as a result always cause disintegration of their countries, mass deaths and loss of territory. This is what happened in Germany, which after the war lost Alsace, Lorraine and Eastern Prussia forever, along with other territories with total area amounting to one quarter of the country, as well as was divided into two parts for a long 50 years.
And it looks like Ukraine is facing the same fate: the loss of Novorussia and Transcarpathia, along with a division into two or more parts.



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