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Militia captures an archive containing information on Ukrainian servicemen Involved in the so-called ATO

Author: Ayre от 31.08.2014, 07:25
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Militia captures an archive containing information on Ukrainian servicemen Involved in the so-called ATO, including those responsible for bombings of civilian targets in cities



Donetsk militia captured a secret archive that was left behind by the command of one of the fleeing Ukrainian units. Amongst the documents – a full dossier on all military servicemen who took part in combat operations. Including information on those responsible for artillery strikes on residential areas of cities and towns in the Donetsk region. The captured data is very detailed. It contains exact dates and times of the strikes, the intended targets, as well as names and addresses of close relatives of soldiers taking part in the so-called ATO.

Logbooks, reports, various forms, IDs and a registry that appears to contain a full dossier on all members of one of the military units currently engaged in the ATO in Eastern Ukraine.

Judging by the marks and the stamps that appear on the documents, militia captured lists of all members of command staff and regular personnel of the A-0224 military unit based near the city of Nikolaev.

A motorized column belonging to the 79th Separate Air-Mobile Brigade was destroyed in a battle near Miusinsk when it attempted to break out of a “pocket”. The Ukrainian army incurred major losses during this clash. Most likely, the document archive was left behind by the soldiers and their command as they attempted to flee. Now these documents, many of which are of outmost importance and should have been labelled as “secret”, will become available to the general public.

“Here are the coordinates used for the strikes. Everything can be traced on this map – this is what they were using during combat. This notebook is an artillery units’ commanders’ log . It contains exact times and coordinates of strikes on civilian targets by the Ukrainian army. It also lists the names of those who gave the orders to carry out these strikes.”

Militia has announced that it is starting to build a database which will contain information on everyone involved in the so-called ATO in Donbass region. Experts are contemplating the legal consequences of the archive discovery.

“The Ukrainian Army has committed mass crimes against International Law. And such documents can be used as a basis for a criminal investigation.” – says military expert Igor Korotchenko.

And here is how the Ukrainian forces are described by the local population in South-Eastern Ukraine. “I saw these young men – Ukrainian soldiers. They were looking for some directions and I offered to help. One of them pulled out a map – it was a 1920 edition! The map showed farm fields where entire city blocks have since been built, high-rise buildings!” – tells one local resident. The inhabitants of these high-rise buildings have already felt the effects of the Ukrainian “method” of conducting military operations. Destruction left behind by “Grad” missile strikes can be seen everywhere.

Representatives of the militia say that they will continue to study the discovered documentation. And later these files and notebooks will be handed over to the authorities. It will be up to a tribunal to figure out who took part in punitive operations against civilians, who committed what crimes. Who was the target-setter and who bombed the cities. “Guys, you will not escape punishment, and a people’s court will decide your fate! For all the cities and towns you destroyed, for all the civilians you murdered here!” – says one of the militia men.

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