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The American press has begun to see clearly: The chastisers are real fascists

Author: Ayre от 3.09.2014, 06:17
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The competent American edition “Foreign Policy” states that when the militia in the eastern part of Ukraine says that they are fighting with the fascists and nationalists; in case of volunteer battalions it is exact truth. Thus, popular American media contradicts assurances of Kiev and the White House that there are no fascists in Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian press confirms that it is possible to meet the fascists in Ukraine. In addition to this, the Department of State of the USA haggled with the Right Sector about the price to buy this radical organization and create its network around whole country.

Specifically, preparing the article the journalist of “Foreign Policy” had a conversation with the command of the battalion “Azov” which is fighting on the side of Kiev and realized that the words about the nationalists are not fiction.

The journalist assures his readership that the militia in the eastern part of Ukraine opposes the neonazis that fight in the Ukrainian volunteer battalions. He is telling about the administrative office in Mariupol captured by the chastisers where the Ukrainian flags are flying on the building. Beside them there are the Nazi symbols which were used in the Third Reich. Moreover, the magazine honestly calls the battalion “Azov” as a “neonazi group” and states that the stories about the battle with the Ukrainian nationalists and fascists, in case of battalion “Azov” and other Ukrainian volunteer battalions, it is gospel truth.


“Foreign Policy” notes that the volunteers from the nationalist groups, who took part in the riots on Maidan in Kiev last winter, has joined the ranks of the numerous volunteer battalions which are fighting in the east of Ukraine. Speaking about the chastisers, they tried to convince the journalists that they were the people with the European identity (almost the Aryans) and they were fighting with the Soviet ideology that was very popular among the people in the east. According to the edition “whole this European identity” is far from the main notions of the European and the American liberalism.

What's more, the author, who was brave enough to be at place (in comparison with Ms. Psaki who prefers surfing the social nets) notices that even the emblem of “Azov” has the “black Sun” a well-known occult symbol that was used by the fascists in Germany. The journalist was told by the command of “Azov” that the political fundamentals of the battalion are based on the ideas of the “nazicracy”. It should be reminded that it is the executive system that was designed by the Ukrainian nationalists in 1930-1940.

The edition reminds that "Azov" follows the example of the nationalists who fought with the Soviet troops and were responsible for the mass slaughter of the Jews and the Poles.

It should be stressed that earlier the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Yatsenyuk used the Nazi word “Subhuman” for the people from the southeast. Just this word Mr. Yatsenyuk used in his official comments on the page of the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA. It is worth bearing in mind that word “Subhuman” has the German analog -“Untermensch”. The last word could be translated as a creature that belongs to the lowest race. Draw attention to the fact that such vocabulary and views are inherent to the Nazi.


Moreover, back in July the most serious Western mass-media, the national tabloids were shocked by the Ukrainian actions that were very similar to the fascist and accused the USA of the desire for the military aggression. Their publications openly compared the tactics of Kiev with the tactics of the fascist “Luftwaffe”; the experts reported about the dangerous policy of Mr. Obama to solve the Ukrainian crisis by the military way.
“Devastated residents have been forced to flea their burning homes in Ukraine following mortar attacks in scenes reminiscent of the Eastern Front during the Second World War” - the national tabloid “Daily Mail” writes.

It is worth reading the articles of “CounterPunch” a well-known American magazine. It reports that “Western media avoid mentioning the fact that many members of Ukrainian ultranationalist organizations now have positions in the official power system, as well as in the army and police”.

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