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Kiev command selected the airport of Donetsk by no accident

Author: Ayre от 4.09.2014, 10:37
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Article by Alexander Kotz and Dmitry Steshin

"The army of DNR cut off the group of Ukrainian soldiers entrenched in the heart of Donbass from its suppliers. Kiev command selected the airport of Donetsk by no accident. This is a strategic point that is visible almost from nowhere , even from the roofs of nearby skyscrapers.
Only an airstrip located on a small hill can be seen three kilometers from it through binoculars. Just here, at the airport, the generals of 'anti-terrorist operation' systematically and for a long time created a springboard to attack Donetsk. In the end of May, Ukrainian Air Forces knocked the militia out of the territory of the airport with air strikes and began a mass movement of troops, vehicles, artillery. Until recently, Ukranian military forces struck at peaceful quarters of the capital of Donbass just from the territory of the airport.
However, by the end of the summer a frontline map has changed beyond recognition. A month ago, it seemed that Donetsk was gripped in a vice and the assault on the city was unaviodable. However, over the last two weeks of the militia `s counteroffensive the Ukrainian troops were forced to step back almost to the administrative boundaries of the region. Large groups of Ukrainian security forces remained closed in the pockets. The Donetsk airport, now surrounded by a double ring of the militia, turned into a pocket too. The correspondents of the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (Russian newspaper) were among the first journalists that visited the forefront of the "Donetsk pocket".
During the last week, it was several times reported on the capture of Donetsk airport , but officially this historical fact has not been confirmed yet. This is not surprising. The huge territory of the air harbor is still inaccessible for the militia forces.
- We no longer need this airport, - tells us one of the commanders of reconnaissance. They gathered inside the hangar and inside the old terminal. No food or ammunition were suppied to the airfield for a week already. They have no hope to run the blockade. Can you imagine the morale of these soldiers? However, now they have no problems with water... 

Recently, another fiction was thrown into the mass media. It was said that Ukrainian "liberators" are hiding in the underground bunkers and crafty "separatists" have concreted all entrances and have filled these bunkers with water. This "wet" version has an element of truth. Underground airport utilities really started to be filled up with water. But it is not the militia to blame for it.
- Their artillerymen destroyed a substation and de-energized the mine "Octyabrskaya" - tells us one of the militiamen that accompany us. - The pumps for pumping water out stopped working. During a few days underground waters rose so much that they began to flood tunnels and other underground utilites in which they are hiding from our artillery. Well, this is their own fault. Enjoy swimming.

Our small convoy slows down under a bridge, jagged with shards. Militiamen scatter along the perimeter to take up a defensive position. We climb a slope up to the bypass road. 400 meters over it begins the territory of the airport.
- There, there are the roofs of hangars. At firts, Ukrainian soldiers hid there, - a militiaman points a finger at the place over the road.
- But now they moved away. It is unpleasant for them to be constantly under fire.
Behind us were fired five powerful volleys, a few seconds later an explosion was heard from the side of the airport: "And now please note six minutes" - winks the militiaman. Six minutes later the "reply" arrives. First, a few "low" explosions, like a queue - Ukrainians snapped with AGS. Then several 82-mm mortars flew. Such artillery duels continue from morning till evening. But thanks to these duels, the intensity of the artillery attacks on the city decreased significantly. Ukrainian security officials became more economical - there is nowhere they could get the supply of ammunition.
- They have not the least chance to exit from the airport, - the DNR Defense Minister Vladimir Kononov assured the correspondents of the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - The only chance for them to stay alive is to surrender. But they do not think that it is possible for them. Now we are firing at them.
Meanwhile, according to militia scouts, Ukrainian troops at the airport are forming a column for a possible breach. If so, they can repeat the fate of the "National Guard" that was almost completely destroyed near Ilovaysk. "

Alexander Kotz, Dmitry Steshin

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