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Experts came to conclusion that the plane was hit by a large number of outside objects and the crash wasn’t caused by technical problems or the crew’s erroneous actions.


Moscow, September 9. INTERFAX.RU - Dutch aviation experts made public their first report on possible causes of Malaysian “Boeing” crash in eastern Ukraine on July 17. The document says the plane broke up in the air after being hit by a large number of objects from outside. The report also adds there are no indications the crash was caused by technical problems or the crew’s actions.

The report points out that the experts, for safety reasons, have not yet visited the crash site to go deeper into detail and scrutinize the crash objects. The preliminary findings show that the fuselage pieces are pierced with numerous holes which evidence of outside damage.
“Quite possible is that this damage had caused loss of structural integrity of the plane, which resulted in the aircraft break up in the air. That also explains abrupt termination of data fixation on flight recorders, loss of contact with ground control and disappearance of the flight from radars,” - say the experts.

The report adds that analysis of cockpit voice recordings didn’t reveal signs of technical or any other emergencies aboard the plane. “Not a single warning sound was heard in the cockpit that might indicate technical problems,” - stated the expert group.

The flight data recorder didn’t register a single warning signal from aircraft systems and recorded parameters of engines were consistent with normal flight function. Ukrainian ground control confirmed absence of any emergency calls from “Boeing” crew.

“Aircraft maintenance history says the plane was cleared for the flight and at the moment of takeoff it had no known technical problem. The flight was manned by most qualified and experienced crew,” – states the report.

This report is of the aircraft crash is not final. The Investigation Group intends to make public full final report within a year since the air crush.” – is reported on Dutch Safety Board site, which is leading an international investigation. According to Dutch Safety Board Chairman Tjibbe Joustra preliminary investigation results on the possible outer causes of MH17 crash were made public on Thursday.

“Additional investigation is required to define the cause of the crash with more accuracy. Safety Board is confident that additional evidence will be available for investigation in the coming future,” – he said.




announcement of the investigation


A preliminary report on Malaysian “Boeing” crash in Ukraine was made public almost two months since the tragedy. Such a prolongation of the investigation may witness attempts to conceal the evidence.” – says a political observer Oleg Matveychev.

Malaysian Airlines “Boeing 777” crashed in Ukraine on July 17, 298 passengers died. On Thursday September 9, Dutch Safety Board made public a preliminary report on investigation results. As document states the cause of the air crash was “damage caused by hitting the plane by numerous outer objects”. The aircraft broke up to pieces in the air. As may be derived from data of flight recordings the crash wasn’t caused by technical problems or the crew’s actions. Voice recordings of crew talks with the Ukrainian ground control confirm absence of any emergency calls. More detail is not given. Full report is expected by next July, within a year of the disaster.

“In this particular case somebody had been doing the investigation for almost two months. This abnormally long period of time makes you think that those people didn’t want to make something public, or rather conceal something. I have the impression that some investigators were pressed to change their opinion, or falsify evidence”, - said on live air of “The voice of Russia” a professor of High School of Economy, political observer Oleg Matveychev.
He thinks that considering the power of USA influence over whole governments, it is not a problem to scare a separate individual.

“We see the pressures USA exercises upon large sovereign states, say France for example. Just recently there have been talks on “Mistrals”, USA pressurized the whole big country. What to say about an individual being told that he is in confrontation with USA themselves?”, - shared his opinion the observer.
Besides, as noted Oleg Matveychev, all objectively fixed data on Malaysian aircraft crash given over by Russia was turned down by Ukrainian side.

“I point out, Ukraine not only ignored the facts, granted by Russian Ministry of Defense, quite the contrary, Ukrainian Defense Ministry prepared an alternative report where accused our ministry of falsification and displayed allegedly real photos, but Russia has proven the Ukrainian photos a fake, and pretty clumsy at that. But western media have spread, of course, the Ukrainian photos and reports”, - said the observer.
As his words convey, nobody listens to Russia in this world community.

“If we had had a situation like an open trial hearings, where each party comes out and presents its own evidence and argument, then, I think, a non-involved world spectator could have come to his own conclusions, and those conclusions would have been to our advantage. But the problem is that the situation is not like in open trial hearings. Figuratively speaking, when we speak the microphone is switched off and presentation suspends. When speaks somebody else, the mike is in full power, and the audience hears the argument of the other side only”, - concluded Oleg Matveychev.



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