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Mozgovoy on the current situation

Author: Ayre от 27.09.2014, 08:03
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The “Prizrak” (Ghost) brigade commander,  Alexei Mozgovoy, talks about the current political situation in Novorossia.
Mozgovoy about the current situation
The "priests" standing at the helm of our two republics continue to surprise us more and more, particularly at the time, when it is necessary to get united around the same goal dictated by the will of people. They pass through the stage of self-affirmation characteristic of the youth. Yes, the political analysts accuse us, field commanders, that we sabotage the Minsk agreements because we do not agree with them on all counts. They blame us for imagining ourselves as “Napoleon” at minimum. If we were, we would not have come to a consensus on the need for the military council. Only the Ministries of Defense for DPR and LPR (Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics) do not see the need for it (although, in fact, they are nominal bodies that have been created much later than the militia formations.) This raises the question - do they take upon themselves too much, given that during their existence they did not help the militia even with a rusty nail? Instead, they are now trying to establish control over all combat-ready and well-coordinated units by closing their access to the “Post Exchange.”
 But, it's not that bad ... what is more damaging is the moral pressure on the militia. One single fact that in Donetsk they have forced the militia to take an oath not to Novorossia but the DPR, makes you wonder ... Is it like, for every "prince" - a private army? And this whole process is accompanied by the infamous tearing off the chevrons with the inscription "Novorossia." What is this all? Exhausted? And after that, they dare to say that we are wrong? That we, supposedly, misunderstand the political subtleties and the scale of what happens and, thus, leading to a split.
We understand ... oh, we understand well and will not ever swerve from our objectives despite all the sanctions and the threats turning into action! Yesterday, two soldiers from brigade “Prizrak” were abducted and taken to an unknown destination. There is a conjecture who did it and why. These soldiers were at the grassroots of people's militia. Having idea what may happen to them, it is not difficult to guess that the guys will not withstand and sign all the papers denigrating our units. And the dirt will pour in an even greater amount because we are threatened to be declared “gangs” if we do not submit ourselves to the so-called ministries. Oblivious to the fact, that these units are the backbone of the Novorossia army and that they are born not in the offices, but in the trenches and dugouts, with carbines and assault rifles against artillery and tanks.
 And to you, Misters Politicians and those who think that they are the ultimate authority and that they know better than everyone ... I will answer this way.
 Learn to listen to the people, to whom you swear allegiance by shaking the air with false promises. Surely, you did not understand that your time is gone and, I hope, forever. So, dipping the people deep in muck while making diplomatic curtsies as you did before – it will no longer work. We are not your property anymore and however much you would want to turn the time back...
Today you plan to hold elections, coincidentally, together with Ukraine. Strange, isn't it? Furthermore, the Ukrainian side is already preparing everything necessary for their implementation, including candidates. It would not be bad to explore the whole list of candidates, including the financial side of each of them. Surely, not a single election has passed for free here (in Ukraine.) Maybe, there are already sponsors of this event? I wonder who ... Is it not, by chance, Viktor Fedorovich (Yanukovich), and Renat Leonidovich (Akhmetov?)
Listen to the people, do not turn away from them ... otherwise, the people will turn away from you!
Brigade Commander MOZGOVOY
New video from "Prizrak" brigade

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