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US Domination of the World: consequences, solutions

Author: Ayre от 8.10.2014, 07:49
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USA, draws it's power by making the people of the World  work for them through their currencies.
Remove the source of USA power, which is US$ as international currency/ as the reserve currency, and you will remove USA domination of the world..

By using US$ in international trade other countries are working for USA
In my opinion, by using US$ as a currency in international trade, the world is working for America/USA, the wealth of the world is going, flowing into
America, building America, including it's military.
All that USA does is: print US$ that costs them nothing. While the rest of the world has to buy the same dollars.
If any country, for example, wants to buy petrol it needs US$, so it has to buy it, pays a lot for it. That way the wealth of other countries in the world is transferred to USA.
That way, the world, including from poor countries of Asia & Africa and other countries: India, South Africa, China, Russia, Brazil etc are financing USA to build: roads, industry, rockets, warships, bombs... etc.
I was watching, on TV, ex-USA governor of USA Central bank, talking about a huge American debt. If I remember correctly he said something like this:
"What debt. All we need to do is: PRINT $" and there will be no debt.
Someone else sad that US owns 100% of US$ and can print US$  as much  as it wants.
In my opinion, Russia, China and other countries would have bigger success and should help them more, if they make practical steps to replace US$ with a new currency which would be used as a reserve currency.
I believe, it can be done through BRICS. BRICS countries are strong enough to make a new currency which would replace US$ in international trade.
Only then BRICS: Russia, China, India, Brazil... will replace the United States and its NATO partners and will be number one power in the world and will be able to go forward, to prosper.
Without that, BRICS countries, including Russia & China can not win against America and the West. Simply because they can not match USA financially.
I would like to say again and underline the following:
The West, particularly USA, draw their strength, their power by making the people of the World, including Russia & China, work for them through their currencies.
Remove the source of USA strength/power which is US$ as international currency, and you will remove USA threat to Russia, China and other countries.
The best, the just solution would be to have international currency, not controlled by any single country, but maybe by UN. Or, use a currency which does not belong to any country or bank. Like, for example, "Bitcoin". That way we will have a more just world.
Without cutting USA from it's source of strength/power, and it means removing US$ as a currency in international trade, Russia or China has no chances to win against America, they can only lose, regardless of how big natural resources (gas, petrol etc) and how big Armies they has.
Russia & China are building their Army to defend their countries mainly from America if one day USA attacks Russia or China. It is OK and the right thing to do. BUT it is not enough.  Russia & China would have far better, far stronger defense if they build the most powerful "weapon":  Together with other BRICS countries, replace US$ with a new currency which would be used in international trade.
2008 financial crisis ... printing US$
In my opinion, the financial crisis of 2007–2008, also known as the global financial crisis and 2008 financial crisis of USA financial institutions/banks did not happen because of bad loans and alike, as they say, but because America spent more money in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other ways, then the world could absorb if they print new US$. USA can print only as much US$ as the world can absorb i.e. buy. Otherwise if USA prints more US$ then the world can absorb/buy, it causes financial crisis in America and other Western countries.
The true nature and the aim of US$ being used in international trade is: to rip-off the rest of the world of their wealth and the domination of the world by USA: militarily and economically...
My impression is that China realizes that US$ is the cause of problems in the world and that the replacement of US$ could be the key to solving problems and protect Chine from USA threat. Unlike other countries, China is still doing something about it:
* Making contracts  with some countries, not to use US$ for paying, but to use their own currencies.
* Also in the official Chinese Government newspaper "Xinhua" (October 13, 2013), Liu Chang writes: "...introduction of a new international reserve currency that is to be created to replace the dominant U.S. dollar...".
It means that China realizes that the main reason for American domination of the World is the US$ as the reserve currency and that a new currency should be made which will replace US$ in international trade.
Accordingly to what I know, it seems that Russian leadership finally has came to the same conclusions USA is using US$ to force Russia and other countries to work for them, and that therefore it is in Russian interest to stop using US$ and  replace it with their own money or other currencies.
I would like to say again and underline the following:
In my opinion,  BRICS countries, particularly China & Russia, should make a new currency which will replace US$ as the world's reserve currency.
My assessment/forecast
My assessment is that USA and Western Europe financial crisis will continue. There are more indications that they will never recover from it. If this my forecast is correct then we can expect more and more troubles in the world caused/made by USA:  wars, invading other countries and killing their people and alike.
We have a saying: "A wounded beast (wild animal) is very dangerous".
My assessment is:
The Centre of The World Power is moving from USA to BRICS, particularly to China & Russia.

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