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Expert: There are no reasons to trust information linking militia to the Boeing 777 crash in Donbass

Author: Ayre от 23.10.2014, 00:14
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Speaking live during an RT newscast, British international law expert Alexander Margoulis said that it is very hard to believe German media statements, which are based on BND information, and are blaming Donbass militia for the crash of Malaysian Boeing 777 airliner. Even if you believe in the BND conclusion that militia managed to get a hold of a Ukrainian “BUK” system, it is not clear how they could operate such a “complex missile system”. The expert believes that German special security services will follow Washington’s directives in the investigation of the crash.


He is also certain that an attempt to create a specific version of the events that would “fit previously taken political steps” is taking place. “And, as a result, we have a number of unofficial statements about irrefutable facts proving militia’s fault in the crash”, - said the expert.



Transcrit of the video


BND (German Federal Intelligence Service) has issued a report accusing Eastern Ukraine’s anti-government militia of shooting down Malaysian flight MH17 on July 17th, 2014. I have to say that I do not have a single convincing reason to believe this. The report states that the missile system used by militia was not obtained from Russia, but instead was captured from Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is very hard to believe this. How could these untrained people capture and, what is more remarkable, properly use such a complex missile system.


Historically, BND has always had close ties with US intelligence. The CIA has taken a very specific position with respect to the MH17 crash and, from a political point of view, it is predictable that Berlin will follow Washington’s footsteps. And if Germany didn’t support US in this matter, it would contradict the official line of the German government, which would be very hard to do from a political point of view. Berlin’s official claims have been less than reliable in the past. For example, BND supported false claims that Iraq had WMD prior to the start of the war in Iraq in 2003. BND also claimed that Russia secretly holds vast financial resources in Cyprus, which, for the most part, turned out to be far from the truth. Therefore, I am afraid, German Federal Intelligence Service cannot be fully trusted in such matters.



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