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Sale of Ukraine continues. The next lot...

Author: Ayre от 19.03.2015, 11:20
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YatsenyukUkraine discusses another government's "brilliant" decision concerning the situation in the energy market. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, saying that Kiev will continue the policy of reduction of the volume dependence on Russian gas supplies, said that the rent for use of mineral resources will be changed for mining companies from July 1 on. According to Yatsenyuk, it would increase the level of budget revenue from the use of Ukrainian subsoil and, respectively, would give "extra impetus" to the Ukrainian economics.

Information about the rising of rent for the use of mineral resources in Ukraine was confirmed. On June 1, the companies mining (or going to mine) energy products or other minerals in Ukraine will have to pay a 70% rent. The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Onishchenko, in particular, said this, who is deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety.
It is necessary to take into account the fact that the government has already increased rental fees for gas production (depending on the gas extraction) to 28-55%, in oil production - up to 41% in August last year. And the August increase in rents for subsoil forced a number of Ukrainian companies to give up the ideas of continuing production of energy in Ukraine and to invest in projects of foreign companies abroad. If the rent reaches 70%, it can finally destroy the Ukrainian mining industry. At least gas producing – without doubt.

By the way, the idea of ​​the need to raise the rent came up to representatives of the Ukrainian government (or anyone suggested?) about three months after both the government and other authorities have stated that the government would actually lower it ...
According to the statement of the head of Ukrainian fiscal service Igor Belous on December 5, 2014 (quoted by RIA Novosti.Ukraine): "I think it will be about optimizing. Perhaps, rather reduction of rates."
Optimization, as can be seen in Ukraine, is the concept so loose that it can mean both a decrease and an increase of anything, depending on the interests of optimizers. Mr. Belous guessed the fact of "optimization" in December, but he just did not guess what direction Yatsenyuk would choose for it.

So, if the rent for natural gas production rises to 70%, it can mean only one thing: the Ukrainian government is putting an end to gas producing sector, too. It would seem, how so? - as Yatsenyuk himself said Ukraine is on the way out of gas purchases from Russia. And now it turns out that Ukraine will have to purchase gas either in Europe ("reverse-flow"), or to import LNG from Qatar or the United States. There is another option, which Yatsenyuk, apparently, is trying to bring the situation to: Ukrainian companies are leaving the Ukrainian market as they simply would not cope with such a rent, and nature abhors a vacuum, then foreign companies would fill it, the main task of which is Ukrainian mining location. At a time when Western (i.e. American) companies are able to produce energy in Ukraine, Yatsenyuk’s government can reduce the rent, which Mr. Belous was trying to say about. Surely, Ukrainian "players" would like to return to the market at this point, but who would let them there ...

Is there any surprise? One would be surprised if not thinking about who is seated in a chair of the Prime Minister of Ukraine today. But how one can expunge such a person from memory? .. It's the person surrounded by foreign ministers, advisers and consultants, previously having been brought to power in Ukraine to perform a single task: to lead "the independent country" farther away from Russia, destroying the Ukrainian business and at the same time giving every opportunity to foreign politicians and moneybags to rule Ukraine. It is the Ukrainian "Revolution of Dignity", it is ... - To take the governance away from some oligarchs, to pass it to the hands of others, and in addition to open path to Ukraine for US financial bosses.

Does Ukraine not understand this? It understands it perfectly, indeed. Even through the haze of the propagation of Russophobia Ukrainian citizens distinguish Yatsenyuk’s silhouette, who is trading both subsoil and the citizens themselves, wheedling loans out of the IMF under conditions of the population impoverishment. But the blackout is such that even though everyone sees everything, understands everything, they are afraid to strike. People know they would be immediately declared as "traitors" of Maidan’s ideas, FSB and SVR paid agents.

Ukrainian authorities are trying to use organized system of propaganda and repression (Yatsenyuk’s statement about the need to bring AFU again in the state of high alert deserves a special notice) so that every time seems the last for them. We need to get more! More! More!!! Manage to sponge out everything, pay to puppeteers with Ukraine, and then -        let the chips fall where they may. Those almost daily slogans about the unity of Ukraine by Poroshenko, Turchinov, Yatsenyuk sound not even like hypocrisy against this background, but as preaching by leaders of a sect. Although in this case everything matches perfectly. Those sectarian leaders have turned the whole country into one 40-million sect in which those who are not in the sect are declared heretics deserving "fires of the Inquisition."


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