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Party "People's Front" led by prime-minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk - its ratings have become 8 times lower in only 4 months. Sociological data were provided by Ukrainian sociological research company "Research & Branding Group" and it's founder Yevgeny Kopatko on press-conference in Kiev.

According to March polling results, if there were new parliamentary elections today, the "People's Front” wouldn’t pass 5% electoral threshold, gaining only 2.5% of votes. Back in January-February they rated at least 6%, not saying of November rating of 19.8%.

Rating's leader - "Petro Poroshenko Bloc" has 13.2%. Last month it lost 4.5%, while in November it had 29.4%.

Rating's losses of other members of ruling coalition are less significant than two of its main subjects. Although, only "Self Reliance" party with 8% is confident above 5% electoral threshold. Others are on the electoral edge: All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" (led by ex-prime-minister Timoshenko) - 5.6%, "Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko"- 5.7%, "Opposition Bloc" (those who were mildly against Maidan "rebellion") - 5%.



President Petro Poroshenko, who was elected in May 2014 has halved his ratings in 6 months. In May 2014 he gained 54.7% of votes. According to polls, in September 2014 he would gain 40%, and in March 2015 - only 19.2%.

At the same time, he is an absolute leader of electoral rating compared to his competitors.

Yulia Timoshenko is on the second place - 5.3%. Third place: Oleg Lyashko- 5%. Fourth place: Anatoly Grytsenko - 4.2%. Prime-minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has only 1.7% (despite he had more than 10% in November 2014).



Mass-media and political parties are the leaders of mistrust in Ukraine.

According to March poll results, 81% of surveyed citizens don't trust political parties in general. Those who trust are only 8%.

Mistrust second place won by Ukrainian media - 32% of citizens trust them, and 58% do not.

Church gained the best positive ratings of trust (62% trusted), army (57% trusted), civic and voluntary organizations (57% trusted).



Support of ATO ("anti-terrorist operation") by Ukrainian society reduces.

Results of March polls showed the lowest ATO approval rating. In September 2014 military actions were approved by 54% of persons surveyed. In October-November it was their maximum - 57%. In February, when conflict escalated significantly, approval fell to 53%. March: 47% approved, 39% were against "anti-terrorist operation".



Sociological data below are provided by Alexey Zudin - member of expert council of "Institute for social-economical and political research". In Simferopol he presented results on research of social-economical and political state of Crimea inhabitants after rejoining Russia.

Crimea inhabitants’ attitude to referendum (about rejoining Russia 16 March, 2014) has not changed at all after a year passed. 84% of persons surveyed are satisfied with their lives, 66% noted life getting better in Sevastopol and Crimea.

Alexey Zudin: "Research results are such that we may imagine polls were performed a year ago. Attitude of Crimea inhabitants to referendum and to general items have not changed at all. To my thinking - it's a phenomenal observation."



"Earlier similar sociological research results were presented by Valery Fyodorov – the CEO of OJSC " All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion "(ACSPO) and a vice-president of "Alliance of Sociologists of

Russia". According to his research results, 91% of persons surveyed estimate rejoining of Crimea to Russia positively, 86% are satisfied with their lives, and 64% are satisfied with their financial/material state.

Besides, 87% trust president of Russia Vladimir Putin, which is the best all-Russian result.



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