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Yesterday was a horrible day. Today and tomorrow do not promise to be better.

Dissent is fervently persecuted in Ukraine. However if only recently the new “honest” authorities laboriously picked up explanations – although very pathetic and cynical ones – to the series of deaths, abductions, and arrests – now everything is much simpler. Counselor of the Minister of the Interior, today an MP, Anton Herashchenko founded website “Myrotrvorets” (Peacekeeper). At the first sight it is a typical garbage collector, where all kinds of names are posted of the people, who are alleged criminals.

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The second report on war crimes by Ukrainian security forces of the Foundation for the Study of Democracy (Director - M. Grigoryev) was published, which provides data on large-scale and systematic violations of the European Convention on Human Rights by representatives of Ukrainian Armed Forces, National Guard and other units of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU). 

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This text is highly recommended for all those who believe that Bandera adherents are not present in Ukraine.
Internet newspaper “Doba” (24 hours) from Ternopil reports that the second edition of “Insurgent ABC” was published in this city. Its main characters are Alyarmik, Adolfik, Liliputin and others. The author is historian and social activist Oleg Vitvitskiy. He published the first edition of ABC last autumn, but could not present the book because, at first, the revolution and, then, the war took place in the country. The first edition of the book was quickly sold out, that is why it was updated to include a section on the “Heavenly Hundred” (that is on Maydan participants killed in February 2014.)