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Retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor claims that plans to make the US Army more agile and mobile at the expense of heavy weapons are paving the way for future military disasters.

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Ukrainian leadership, including the president and prime minister, has failed to change the course of the nation for the better: the country is plagued by deep financial and economic troubles, ravaged by an ongoing war, pulled back by widespread corruption and the lack of meaningful reforms.

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While Kiev declares that it would not repay Russia's $3 billion loan or even seize Russia's assets in Ukraine, such moves may deal a heavy blow to the very foundations of international law, US economist Michael Hudson warned.

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Ukrainian political analysts predict that President Poroshenko is doomed to stay at power for only half a year more if he does not stop his ‘information manipulations’ and launches not an ‘imitation’ but, instead, real modernization in the country.

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While the West is pouring money in Ukraine, Kiev escalates tensions with Moscow and shows no enthusiasm for implementing the Minsk II accord; however, it is foolish to assume that Ukraine and Russia will live as enemies, S. Nihal Singh noted.

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Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission has released its findings into more than a century of abuse in Indian Residential Schools. Between the 1880s and 1990s 150,000 aboriginal children were sent to institutions where they were stripped of their language and culture. Many faced emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

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Ukraine and Moldova are waging a hybrid war against Transnistria, Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski told St. Petersburg’s Channel 5 in an interview.

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Kiev is using the military conflict in Donbass to distract public attention from actual corruption and economic problems, an author for the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger wrote.

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It is high time for Europeans to dig out bomb shelters, as some phantom Russian nukes in Crimea are targeting NATO member states in the Old World, "the most peaceful" senior Ukrainian politician hinted.

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US hardliners seek to undermine any initiative that could bridge the gap between Washington and Moscow, tone down the aggressive rhetoric the US is often engaged in and promote the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, the Nation reported.

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Russia expects to receive a scheduled $75 million interest repayment on Ukraine’s $3 billion Eurobond debt by June 22, Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister Sergey Storchak said. However, he warns a failure to do so means Ukraine will default.